Here I am, caught in this path of discovery, redefining who I am and my belief. I'm Italian, so to explain why my English is so bad. What you usually see in me is who I basically am, a nice person who likes people and their stories, who likes to make new friends and is craving for knowledge. I have this strong belief that we are all the same, persons, human beings, we are all different somehow and this make use precious. I feel a connection with nature, even if I dig technology, and with Gaia since forever, but I only often in my life tried to focus on this until recently. My love for magic is old, felt it since I was a child, but my former religion kept me away from this and now that I'm free from it I decided to give myself to where and what I belong. I love pets, most animals if fact, but I allowed myself to keep in my home only a dog and a cat, I can handle only so much! I like reading books (of course), music, writing (but better if I do it in Italian only), drawing, crafting and recently woodcarving. I'm a huge binger of tv shows, but I like good movies too occasionally. Even if I don't (can't) play them anymore, I was an avid RPG gamer, mostly d&d, and that will stay in my treasured memories forever. I do play videogames too occasionally, but not as much as before. As I already stated before, joining this community was an important step for myself and I'll always be grateful to all the people I'm meeting. I can learn and I'm not alone in this, I can call for help and I'm not left alone, I can grant my help and not be force to keep things for myself. Yes, as you can imagine, there are no other pagans in my life or my vicinity and this made me feel lonely and lost. Glad it's in the past! As a final note, my dislikes, just because we can't like everything. I can't suffer discrimination, hate, violence, injustice, arrogance, rudeness and molest drunk people (the happy drunks like me are very welcome). I barely stand ignorance while there is no will to learn more and people who throw garbage in the streets or park wherever they like (I'm starting to become grumpy I guess). I dislike summer because it's too hot and my blood pressure will go so down I can faint anytime and have to take lots of medicines (wich I dislike too). That's it! If you want to know more, for curiosity of boredom, feel free to ask, never be shy with me, there is really no need!