Top Best Discord Bots 2018 Though I’ve listed 10 of the best picks, there are many other useful Discord bots available for users. You can learn how to add bots to Discord server and install these Discord bots on your Discord server to enhance their chat experience. For example, some Discord bots provide extra entertainment value, while other bots for Discord provide users with unique tools and systems for managing other users. As a beginner Discord server owner, you may find it easier to start with the Discord bots I’ve listed below. Read full article : https://www.xoxolondon.co/10-best-discord-bots.html Let’s start this off with a bang. Aethex is one of the best Discord bots currently available. It has a huge range of features and commands. If you want to keep things simple and stick to a single bot for your Discord server, Aethex is the kind of do-everything bot you’ll need. Aethex has an extensive list of features. All of the features in Aethex have been split into different categories: moderation tools, utility commands, fun/entertainment, game integration, music commands, and social commands.