feel free to peel the paint off this sucker yourself, and this is i guess, until you delete or edit it- the first post.


people can go to the bottom of this address, and sign up to get each new story delivered to their email address, as a plain text rendering, no links back, no bullcrap, just what you wrote- sent in plain, sanely spaced- beautiful text- just like you wrote it here. but auto-matically ! all they have to do is subscribe, and click a single link to verify the subsription is valid and it starts by itself.

The next time you write- and hit publish – it's out to everyone who is subscribed. You can't see the email addresses that were subscribed, but you can see some stats. There's a button for that. :) No brainer stuff like “time spent on site” and stuff like that without being complicated. I think it looks at 4 things total. “Hits” “Views” “Time spent” by article/total, and then the list is sorted with highest views at the top. its very nice and easy.

all you do is load this site- log in if needed, and then click the big “W” (stands for and serves as the navigation icon in your upper left, if you are logged in, otherwise you will not see it there while on your blogssite/page/kellys-world website :)

then just tap or smash the button for “new post.” :) Or maybe sing it a song, I don't know, I am silly right now because of being so excited. But. Ha.. About, the rest is simple too-

all you have is a blank page, a cursor, a title field, and a publish button, and that “W” for navigation.

this doesn't get any more focused, purposeful, intentional, clean, or well written – as far as software goes. This is not designed by someone attempting to create a flea market bazaar to improper scale and demographic sensitivity, this is actual non-partisan software, in any sense of individual, human preference- it just works, it works real well, its a simple, design, and thats all it does. It works with other stuff he wrote, but does not attempt to shoe horn a horse into a sewing-thimble.

but anyway yeah Matt- the author of the software that runs this website, we have spoken a few times, He is this guy who is cool in that he is a visionary, and hard working disciplined man- who puts heart, passion, and focus into what he does. Sounds familiar. ;) (this goes for all of my friends.)

Don't worry John about deleting this text- i have this whole thing saved elsewhere, if you were worried I said something clever in here you liked, and didn't want to annihilate this, to write your first post. ** go ahead, annihilate it, but ** know it's just being moved gently aside for YOUR first post, since this is your damn blog.

Nuff said. :) Welcome, author. :) It is a very strange feeling. Enjoy it.

(.!.) fuck yer day! KK

Just kidding. Hahaha (!) *makes punk rock hand gestures and the encouraging face then passes you the coffee carafe...

I'm trying to get you motivated to learn yarself how to log into this place and make a post.

Ask me how if you poke at it and no bees come out.

I know you have things to say, and yeah there is also a good surprise, you should ask about that..




(.!.) fuck yer day! KK

Where are my boots? I'm trying to get you to come log in and write things.

Passing you coffee and laughing only because neither of us can read the font here yet, without hi-lighting it- but I am fucking around with color schemes as I do twenty four {.6}, other things and eat ice cream.

:p ask me about this later, but you now have a blog, so stop worrying abut that.

fuck your day, (doctor beans,) i hacked your blog, but not really, because i built it for you, saw ice cream.

what? /// trails off..

(.!.) fuck yer day! KK

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