Do I continue working at my current job?

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This post reflects my opinions on how I decide to continue staying at the current job, or consider switching.

As such, this is purely from my perspective. You would likely have your own principles and outlook on life and career; If anything, I hope this post motivates you to reflect, rethink, and refresh.

For context, I work a full-time job with no additional side gigs or secondary jobs.

My Guiding Principles

I use the following 3 factors to decide if I should continue with the current job:

  1. Compensation
  2. Job Fulfillment
  3. Work-Life Balance

You likely have your own principles, so you can replace this list with your own!

I find that realistically, most jobs should hit 2 out of the 3 factors at least.

When I find myself seriously contemplating a career change, I like to check this list. If I evaluate that the current opportunity hits only 1 factor (i.e., score of 1/3), it is a good indication that I can do better.

1. Compensation

Without mincing my words, this is just about the main salary. I am not swayed by or overly concerned with stock options, or welfare benefits.

If you are working in Japan, I do encourage you to check out This can help you get some idea about what others with similar tech backgrounds are compensated.

2. Job Fulfillment

This can a tough one to judge or measure.

You can go all logical about it (i.e., making a list of the positives and negatives).

Or, you can also simply base it on gut feeling (e.g., say 8 out of 10).

For me, I tend to find my answer by asking myself:

“If someone asks me what I do for a living, how enthusiastic would I be about introducing my current job?”

In terms of motivation, I like to measure how I feel when I get up on a Monday morning.

I like to point out that a good team can also offer so much support at work. Your motivation and fulfillment can be influenced greatly by your colleagues.

3. Work-Life Balance

I like to think that we spend half of our waking hours working. That is, 8 out of 16 hours trading our skills for compensation.

You may work longer than 8 hours on some days due to circumstances. However, if overwork becomes consistent, something is not healthy with your current environment.

Realistically, not everyone is built to grind out 10+ hours everyday. This is not sustainable for yourself, and your team.

You also likely have aspirations outside of work, hobbies you want to pursue, and family members you want to spend time with.

Ensure that you have time for them.

Final Thoughts

This is just a general guide, based on my perspectives.

That said, I understand there can be inertia to “go”; It feels easier to stay, naturally. I have left out any discussions around evaluating the other opportunities available. This is purely focused on evaluating your current job.

My (check)list describes my definition of what work means to me. I would encourage you to think what work means for you and your family.

Happy to connect, and talk about this over coffee if you are in Tokyo!

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