5 Reasons I Like Coil – A Publisher's Perspective


Yes, the cat is out of the bag.

I'm a Coil fan through and through, but it's not by happenstance. I started publishing works on Coil last August (coming up on a full year by the way) not knowing what I was doing. If it weren't for Hodor and other great bloggers making waves on the platform early on, I'm not sure that I'd still be splashing around today.

Let's face it, there are a multitude of blogging / publishing sites out there that myself and others could be uploading articles to on a weekly basis. I personally choose to either publish to Coil.com, or to my own website that is Web Monetized using Coil's meta tag feature. Even then, I publish the article's link to Coil.com.

Hey Ken... What makes you want to publish on Coil and not to other sites such as Hive that also pays people in crypto?

Time to dive in and tell you 5 things reasons I like Coil from a publisher's perspective:

Coil is small right now with high growth potential

The platform as of July 2020 is rather small. A handful of creators exist, and an even smaller handful exist that publish regularly. Many publishers online would look at this statistic and see it as a bad thing. On the other hand, from my perspective, the platform is small yet possesses high growth potential.

The Web Monetization ecosystem as a whole has not been around for very long. Coil, the company, has only existed for a couple years, birthing the blogging site only last summer. The growth potential is high since a multitude of online publishers are hungry and actively searching for alternative ways to earn on their original content.

Coil is in testing phase and I am a willing guinea pig

Currently the Coil site is in beta testing, a phase which is perfectly OK with me right now. I would go as far as to say that the entire Web Monetization ecosystem is in beta testing. There is no sense in rushing this platform to perfection when there is more that is needed to be built on the front and back ends.

The testing period is crucial to the future success of the platform as users need to actively use the existing feature set available. Developers need users to provide feedback to not only fix what is broken, but to make unknown data known through repetitive use. This rings true for other sites / apps that are working their way towards full release.

Coil rewards and appreciates publishers

It's true, they do. Whether you got started publishing your works last week or last year, the company pays attention to articles posted on the site.

Let's dive into a few ways Coil rewards and appreciates publishers:

Featured posts – every 4 days or so, the featured section of the site gets updated with 5 new articles. Each article has been vetted by Coil and is deemed a featured piece for increased visibility on the site.

Staff picks – every 1-2 weeks, a new edition of Coil Staff Picks is released on Coil's official blog page. So far, the staff has given kudos to publishers more than 20 times as they hand-select individual articles that truly stand out.

Boost program – not only are publishers rewarded from micropayments as readers consume content, but Coil steps in and delivers a monthly boost amount to those who publish quality articles and garner interest from subscribers.

Ad-free browsing, publishing, and exploring

Lately I have become annoyingly sensitive to advertisements, particularly on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I enjoy spending time on Coil because it's a safe-haven from ads or intrusive pop-up banners. In addition, the site has no tracking and does not steal data of any kind.

The internet today has way too many ads, causing consumers and publishers alike to search for alternative homes to live in online. Coil is just one choice, as you also have sites such as Imgur or Hackernoon that feature raw content with no advertising while employing the Web Monetization model that Coil utilizes.

Meeting other creators who share your passions

One of the biggest basic needs in humanity, up there with food and shelter, is relationship. People need to be around others who support them and who are headed in the same direction. A large reason why sports teams work well together when they play is because they have built a strong bond with each other over time.

Publishing on Coil opens one up to the broader ecosystem of writers, artists, and musicians who all have a place as they live out their passions. Those passions come to life as others engage with their content and provide support in the form of an upvote or simply from consuming the content itself.

It is apparent, after diving into the above 5 reasons I like Coil, that it is a good choice not only for new publishers, but for veterans in the content industry who are looking for a fresh alternative to the junk that is floating around on the internet today.

Which reason above hits home most with you? Perhaps you have your own reasons for embarking on your publishing journey and view Coil from a different perspective. You are a unique individual with unique qualities, I wish you well in all your current and future endeavors. ✦

Take care.

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