Content Builders Club Member Highlights – Edition 13

*The Content Builders Club* is a fun-filled Telegram group focused on publishing works via Some members own their own websites and use Coil's Web Monetization meta tag to add the monetization feature to all of their pages. The club is free of charge to anyone looking to join an engaging community full of encouragement and support for Coil bloggers.

Blogging, and just writing in general, is an art-form that allows one to express themselves in a unique way that no other medium offers. Jotting ideas and concepts down on paper or a laptop is oftentimes a cathartic process, helping cleanse people of the toxins and negative emotions they are experiencing in their lives.

In this edition of CBC Member Highlights, 2 members will be highlighted who have demonstrated regular participation in the club while also providing honest and genuine support to the rest of the group. The club's foundation is built upon members who truly care for others and have a heart to serve one another.

Not only have these highlighted members participated in the club, but they also produce blog content on a regular basis which is an important aspect of CBC involvement. We encourage publishing works to to help grow the platform, and also to self-hosted blog sites that utilize the proposed Web Monetization API standard.

Let's find out who is being recognized in today's edition.

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Tahlia @TahliaAsinate

I am thankful to have connected with Tahlia on Twitter as she is now a valued member of the CBC. Tahlia has a huge knack for creative writing that is both compelling and informative. She is big into self-development which is one of the core components of the CBC.

Tahlia puts a lot of thought and effort into her articles and creates them based on the meaning they have for her and the amount of positive effect they will have on her readers. Her most recent post speaks on the topic of focus and attention, a recommended read.

Looking forward to seeing your blogging progress on Coil over the coming months, Tahlia.

Next up... ☕️

John @BurntEnds88

John is relatively new to Coil yet has already added a ton of value to the community. You will find him writing a lot about film as well as parenting from a doting father's perspective.

One thing I noticed about John is how consistent he is with publishing original content. It is obvious how much he enjoys the composition process and sharing on the topics he is passionate about. Recently he published an interview article with Seth Stanley which was quite intriguing to say the least.

Appreciate you, John and all the effort you are putting into the creative process. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for joining us here in edition 13 of CBC member highlights. If you would like to be considered for one of the next editions, please continue blogging and actively participating in the CBC. Active members always benefit the most from the club as they give and receive proper support.

Much love. ✦

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