Content Builders Club Member Highlights – Edition 14


It has been a fun summer so far on the Coil front. Creators are taking the time to create original, quality content based on their personal interests and worldviews. Blogging, throughout the years, has evolved to become this intricate process where one can take ideas and aspirations from within, and turn them into digestible, entertaining pieces of art forever cemented onto the inter-webs.

The Content Builders Club began back in September of 2019 with only a handful of members. It has since then nicely blossomed into a community of passionate creators who encourage and uplift one another. Even though it is like a club, we do gladly welcome those who are interested in joining with open arms. The internet is not the ideal place for one to roam around on their own.

In this edition of CBC Member Highlights, 2 members will be highlighted who have demonstrated regular participation in the club while also providing honest and genuine support to the rest of the group. The club's foundation is built upon members who truly care for others and have a heart to serve one another.

Not only have these highlighted members participated in the club, but they also produce blog or video content on a regular basis which is an important aspect of CBC involvement. We encourage publishing works to or Cinnamon Video to help grow the platforms, as well as self-hosted blog sites that utilize the proposed Web Monetization API standard.

Who is being recognized in today's edition?

Drum roll please...


... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

Patricia C., or as many call her, Patty, is a diamond in the rough. She continues to shine her light upon the Coil and Cinnamon community even when times are tough. Content naturally pours out of her as she shares her heart and mind with those open to her messages.

We appreciate you, Patty, for being a solid rock that is resistant to the wind and the waves. Your attitude and messages of hope cause people to feel better after reading your articles or coming in contact with you inside the club.

👉 Visit Patty's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here. An exciting world of delicious pancakes and volatile cryptocurrencies await.


Michele Lancia, otherwise known as Stefano, is the coolest, most epic Italian creator that I've ever met. He is funny, polite, kind, and creates really interesting crypto content that will leave you begging for more. We appreciate having you in the CBC ;)

Lately, Stefano has been focused on publishing cryptocurrency technical analysis videos, and, for the record, he is quite good at explaining current market fluctuations and what to expect in the near future for various blockchain networks.

👉 Visit Stefano's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here. Get ready for some good clean laughs and some quality crypto talk.

Would you like to be featured on a future installment of CBC member highlights? Easy... keep up the great work you are doing. Keep encouraging others and giving them helpful feedback, which gets at the heart of why the club exists in the first place.

Not a member yet? It's free and open for those who are interested in taking their creator journey to the next level. Simply go here and send a quick message to the guy you see over there (I don't think he bites). ✦

Thank you for tuning in today. Bye :)

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