Content Builders Club Member Highlights – Edition 15


What is a champion? Which characteristics qualifies one to become a champion? The answer to that question is generally subjective, but, in my eyes, being a champion means never giving up when times get tough. Perseverance through the storms of adversity leads to success in whatever you put your mind to. ...Welcome to member highlights!

The Content Builders Club began back in September of 2019, with only a handful of members to begin with. It has since then nicely blossomed into a community of passionate creators who encourage and uplift one another via messaging on Telegram. Even though it acts like a club, we do gladly welcome those who are interested in joining with open arms. The internet is not the ideal place for one to roam around on their own.


In this edition of CBC Member Highlights, 2 members will be highlighted who have demonstrated regular participation in the club while providing honest and genuine support to the rest of the group. The club's foundation is built upon members who truly care for others and have a heart to serve one another.

Not only have these highlighted members participated in the club, but they also produce blog or video content on a regular basis, an important aspect of CBC involvement. We encourage publishing works to or Cinnamon Video to help grow the platforms, as well as self-hosted blog sites that utilize the proposed Web Monetization API standard.

Who is being recognized in today's edition?

Time to get into the nitty gritty...

Drum roll please...


... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

Doesn't he look in this photo?

Kidding... kinda. Srdan has been doing an excellent job lately publishing content almost daily while engaging with other creators inside the Telegram group. He is...

just an ordinary economist who loves leather working, photography and video.

(among other things like food and alcoholic drinks ;)

Srdan speaks his mind and isn't afraid to ruffle people's feathers if he believes his point of view is the correct one. He is known as the CBC bouncer, fierce protector of the group. Right now he is working on living off of his Coil boosts which is an incredible feat!

Keep doing what you're doing, bud. Stay consistent and don't lose sight of the course. Love you, Srdan ❤️

👉 Feel free to visit Srdan's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here.


Macropolo the mysterious genius...

Macropolo has been a staple in the Coil community since as far back as I can remember. Even though we don't actually know what he looks like and wants to remain anonymous, he continues to compose eye-opening pieces complete with intricate detail.

Writer, blogger, and gaming enthusiast.

Recently he published pieces on gaming and the Covid crisis, both of which are highly engaging. Macropolo puts a lot of effort into his works and it shows from the healthy audience he's been able to build as well as the engagement he receives on each article.

You're doing great, man. Glad to have you around ;)

👉 Feel free to take a look at Macropolo's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here.

Would you like to be featured on a future installment of CBC member highlights? Easy... keep up the great work you are doing. Keep encouraging others and giving them helpful feedback, which gets at the heart of why the club exists in the first place.

Not a member of the CBC yet? It's free and open for those who are interested in taking their creator journey to the next level. Simply go here and send a quick message to the guy you see over there (he won't bite... hard). ✦

Thank you for tuning in.

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