Grant for the Web Forum: A Collaborative Space for Fellow Creators

Every niche, topic, or interest on the web consists of a place to spend time with friends, or hang out so to speak. Whether that's sports, gaming, cooking, knitting, or digital assets, it's important to meet with other enthusiasts for the purpose of swapping ideas, collaborating on a project, and tossing questions out to the crowd.

Almost every industry out there has some form of meeting place that accomplishes this goal. Locations will vary depending on the industry, and a quick search will help you find it. For example, if you are interested in the sport, Tennis, then you would put the word Tennis or Tennis Group into the search bar.

Oftentimes what you will discover first is a helpful resource called an online forum. As you are likely aware, online forums provide a place to communicate with other members on a variety of different topics that are related to a single niche or interest.

Grant for the Web is a $100 million fund to help support open innovations in web monetization. An important aspect of this fund, or initiative, is the online forum that is available to interested parties for the purpose of sharing and collaborating with other content creators.

Dozens of members have already introduced themselves inside of the Introduction thread. From there, others can respond with a welcome message to each member as they arrive. Many interesting questions have arisen as well that the GftW team has stepped in to answer.

Once you sign up for the forum, you can immediately create your personal profile decked out with your photo and name. You can change your preferences at any time such as email notifications and account or profile information.

Existing categories to engage with inside the forum itself include The Grant, Ideas and Collaboration, Technology, Events, and Resources. Grant for the Web is gearing up to accept proposals for funding beginning in Q1 of 2020.

Members are welcome to start a new topic if they don’t see the same one already published. Once a topic is published, existing members can view it, like it, and respond to it with helpful feedback. If you notice a question and you have a relevant answer, feel free to provide your insight.

Coil, Mozilla, and CreativeCommons have come together as a joint collaboration to change the way creators get paid online. Stay in the know and prepare for the ramp-up of Grant for the Web as they begin kicking things into high gear.

Stop by the forum and say hello! Myself and the GftW team can't wait to meet you and help answer specific questions you may have.

Feel free to enter the forum here.

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