Introducing the Coil Blogging Club!

Attention fellow Coil bloggers!

After discovering this incredible web-monetized platform and putting up a few posts, I realized that the online community isn't as close knit as I would like it to be.

Sometimes on Twitter, posts about blogs do not get seen, let alone liked or retweeted. I am looking to change all of that by bringing us all together in a dedicated Telegram group called the Coil Blogging Club, or CBC.

Here we can all come together in a safe space where we can share our thoughts, encourage one another, and of course, promote our blogs. This is going to be a group effort as we all participate in the success of this club.

Who This Club IS For

The Coil Blogging Club is for those committed to publishing their works on, or on their own website using Coil's web-monetization code.

If you create video, post it on Coil. If you do research and writing, post it on Coil. The sky is the limit with this platform currently in Beta and already boasts an incredible user experience.

Who This Club is NOT For

This club is not for those who post once in a blue moon. It is also not for you if your content is offensive or vulgar in any way.

If you join the club but later on begin putting other's down, you will be immediately banned. This is a no BS zone.

Why You Should Get Involved

Coil is changing the landscape of blogging using web-monetization. No longer do people need to deal with annoying ads while trying to view content.

Getting involved with the Coil Blogging Club will open up a world of benefits as listed below...

1. Community

Sometimes the world wide web can feel like such a big place, almost like swimming in an ocean without a boat or a crew near you. The Coil Blogging Club is focused on support above everything else.

In order for people to take action in bettering their lives as well as those around them, they need to feel a strong sense of community, and this club is the perfect place to experience that.

2. Visibility

Again, since the web is such a big place, posts can and do get lost in the shuffle. The CBC looks to change all that by gaining members exposure they wouldn't normally have had.

Posting your fresh off the press blog into the CBC will instantly get your post into the eyes of other bloggers who will happily view and support your work.

3. Impact

Human beings long for significance and purpose in their lives. One of the ways we can express our thoughts and feelings are through blogging.

This medium of expression has the power to leave long-lasting impressions on people across the globe. Imagine the impact you can and will make by being consistent and posting valuable content for your audience.

4. Revenue

One of the coolest benefits of being a blogger on Coil or using their code on your site is the ability to monetize your work. In other words, you can paid when subscribers consume your content.

How awesome is that??

The CBC is a great place to interact with other bloggers who also want to earn for the hard work they put in day in and day out. We can swap strategies and let each other know what is working well and what is not working so well.

5. Free

Can't beat free, right? The Coil Blogging Club is absolutely free to join (tips are accepted of course ;) but totally not neccessary.

The CBC is a place where you can come to be encouraged and supported by those going the same direction as you are. A place to breathe, relax, and be yourself.

How to Get Started

Ok so here's where you come in.

In order to join the Coil Blogging Club, you need to reach out to me via private message on Twitter @kendmelendez telling me why you are excited about joining.

From there, I will send you a private link which will drop you directly into the group. Be sure to download the Telegram app first before clicking the link on either your PC, Mac, or Smartphone (I personally use the smartphone app the most).

That's It!

Can't wait to see you and help support you in the group. I am really excited about this and am confident you will have a great experience.

See you on the inside.



Header image: original by KM

Coil graphics images: Coil Twitter page