The 30-Day Coil Blogging Challenge

Hello XRP Community,

This challenge is dedicated to you.

I'm Ken Melendez @kendmelendez on Twitter if you don't know me already. I'm a digital asset content creator, relatively new to the community but have been participating for the last couple months now.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I realized that I am not utilizing Coil like I should be. This platform is absolutely incredible and shame on me for being late to the party.

I would like to propose to you what's called the 30-day Coil Blogging Challenge. The world needs to know about this site that fuses blogging with interledger protocol, along with micro payments paid out to authors.

How The 30-Day Challenge Will Work

We will begin the challenge on Monday, September 16th and end on October 16th.

Each person will put up 1 blog per day for 30 days straight

Posts can be on the topic of your choosing, preferably one that you are interested in so that writing becomes fun.

There is no word length requirement, just aim at making it a quality post that people can enjoy reading.

Each post must be shared to at least 1 social platform for visibility, preferably Twitter so that the XRP community can like, comment, and share your content.


Since I am hosting this challenge and want to keep things fun, I want to give out prizes to a few lucky participants who complete this challenge.

Here is how prizes will work:

If you complete the entirety of the 30-day challenge and follow the guidelines, your name will be thrown into a hat for a chance to win one of the following items...

1. A Standard Edition XRP Community Poster created by @stedas on Twitter:

2. An XRP T-Shirt by @xrpmerchstore on Twitter:

3. Card Wallet XRP Design 2 by @sleone_76 on Twitter:

Wrap Up

That's it folks. I wanted to do something that would benefit both the community and our beloved Coil platform that is helping move the IoV (internet of value) forward in a big way.

Huge thank you to Stefan Thomas @justmoon, Founder and CEO of Coil, for the opportunity to blog on this platform and spread our messages to the world.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, please follow me here on Coil and also on Twitter @kendmelendez. Feel free to tag me in your blog posts so that I can read them and encourage you along your journey.

Any questions please shoot me a DM on Twitter. Let's have some fun beginning on September 16th!


Header image credit to Art Lasovsky on Unsplash.