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Ken Omega is a digital producer, writer, and a licensed commercial helicopter pilot. He is currently based in Southeast Asia.

A Short Story I Wrote

by Ken Omega


Hey, everybody. Please give my short story a read. It's available in digital format on Amazon at the link below. Thanks in advance!

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by Ken Omega

Hey, What's up, everybody. Hope you're well.

It is the rainy season in Central, Vietnam. And we haven't gotten many days of sunshine since October began. But the season is now nearing its end. The sun is already beginning to shine. And the temperature is a balmy 75º F (24º C).

I had my camera with me while I was walking around today. And here are a few photos of what I saw. Feel free to like and share this post. Hope you like the pics.

This last photo is of the iconic Dragon Bridge in Danang. This is the east head. It faces the South China Sea, which is only a kilometer away to the East. Catch you next time!


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by Ken Omega

Hey what's up, everybody. Hope you're well. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog post. I want to tell you a little about flying a two-bladed helicopter with an underslung rotor system.

The short version is, these types of rotor systems are prone to a situation called mast-bumping. That's when the mast that holds the rotor blades rocks violently in inside the cowling, and eventually, the rotor blades break away from the mast. When that happens, you're done.

So anyway, on the day that this photo was taken, I had decided to go out and fly an hour or so. Just to keep current. I only had a private rating at the time. But I had flown with lots of different instructors. So I had already acquired a pretty wide perspective on things from soaking up all of these guys' knowledge.

However, the instructor that I was flying with on this particular day was someone with whom I had never flown before. We talked some. He told me he was recently married and had a newborn baby. Really nice guy.

We flew over the beach, did some maneuvers, and then came back to the airport to practice some autorotations. An autorotation is when the engine fails and you have to trim the helicopter so that the blades keeps spinning on their own. Most of what you practice when you train is how not to die.

One of the most dangerous things that can happen in this type of two-bladed helicopter is, you see something at the last minute (like a wire), and have to make an abrupt adjustment to avoid a collision.

A lot of times, flying over the beach, kites can cause this sort of last minute reaction. Because where there's a kite, there's a wire attached.

Unfortunately, that's what happened to this nice fellow that I flew with, on the day after I flew with him. He was flying with a student, and by the time they saw the kite over the beach, it was too late. The instructor had to make a rapid adjustment to try and avoid the kite wire. And in the process, mast-bumping set in.

The mast bumped so violently that they lost the rotor system and crashed on the beach in Long Island, New York. There were no survivors. It was a really horrible story to hear about. And when I found out that I had flown with the same pilot in the very same helicopter just the day before, I was unsettled to say the least.

I did continue to fly though. And eventually finished my commercial rating in Hawaii. It was as beautiful as it sounds. I'll try to put up a post with some pics on that some other time.

These days I don't fly much. I have had some great experiences, and even taken a few friends flying in a two-seater. They're the ones who usually take the pictures that I have. But I'm not focused on flying like I used to be. Back in the days, I flew a lot. But now, my priorities are elsewhere.

I'll never regret the decision to get into flight training though. It was something I wanted to do since I was a kid. I spent my last dollar to see it through. And if I had it to do all over again, I'd do it the same way.

If you're out flying, stay safe. Catch you next time

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by Ken Omega

Hey, Everybody!

Hope you're well. This post is to announce the creation of a new NFT (erc1155) on Rarible – abbreviated link: .

There are 1000 copies which were created. And the current price for each is 0.0124 ETH. The watermark is shifted to the upper-left on the Token. Please have a look when you get a moment. And maybe even buy one if you like. Who knows?! She might blow up :)

So long for now. Catch you next time.


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by Ken Omega

It was a wicked storm. After tearing through the Philippines last week, Typhoon Molave went straight at central Vietnam. And while Hoi An was probably hit the hardest, Danang – which is right next to Hoi An, got battered too.

Many trees were knocked by the high winds that Typhoon Molave brought. The Typhoon made landfall as a category 3 storm. And wind speeds were easily in the 120 mph range. So being outside while the storm passed through was not a sensible option.

The Vietnamese Authorities had imposed a “Stay at Home” order the night before the typhoon for this reason. The mandate stayed in place from 8mp Tuesday evening (the night before the storm), until 6pm Wednesday evening. By that time the storm had passed.

Many trees were knocked down by the storm. And unfortunately, several of those felled trees to power lines down with them. As a result, a large number of Danang residents particularly those residing near the beach, were without electricity after the storm passed. And for some, this power outage lasted as long as 48 hours.

Now that the storm has passed though, and most if not all of the power in Danang has been restored, the clean up process is underway. Residents are all pitching in; clearing downed tree branches and other debris. So that the roads and sidewalks will once again be passable.

The pics included here show some of the damage that was done in the area of Danang where I stayed. And the clean up effort that took place after the storm. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to share it if you like. Catch you next time. Ken.

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by Ken Omega

What's up, everybody! Hope you're well.

It's 10:31am here in Vietnam. It's a quiet Saturday morning. I was out last night for few beers. ' Shot some pool; only one game. Unfortunately I lost. Only by one ball though. So it wasn't so bad.

The waiting list to play again was really long. So I ordered a small pizza from the place next door and just chowed down and watched the next couple of games. Then I left that place and went to one more bar a few blocks away. It was getting slow by then. So I wrapped it up and made it home by 1am. How I was able to get up at 06:30 after 4 ½ beers is beyond me. I'm not a big drinker.

So once I was up, I realized I was out of coffee. And I decided to just run out and grab a cup from a nearby coffee shop. Fortunately, I remembered to bring my camera. I got a few cool pics. I've posted them below. Please upvote me if you like them. Thanks. Catch you next time. Take care.

Ken Omega

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by Ken Omega

The Non Fungible Token game is picking up steam. This is a new and exploding sector in the blockchain space. If you're not sure what an NFT is, maybe you've heard of CryptoKitties. These digital art cats, have sold for thousands. NFT's are unique or limited-run tokens that are listed on the blockchain. So people who buy them always have proof of the item's authenticity. And as mentioned, the NFT trend is taking off! Along with Cryptokitties, digital artists are minting Non FungibleTokens for everything from collage art to furniture and tools for video games such as Decentraland and Minecraft respectively.

Millions of people play games like Decentraland, Minecraft, and also World of Warcraft – to name only a few of the current games that have a huge following. So the Target market for Non Fungible Tokens is already there.

Shown above is an XRP commemorative token that I came across. It is called the XRP Nostalgia Gold Coin. It is currently available on Rarible and Open Sea – two crypto collectible market places. Only 10 coins were minted by the creator of the coin Blockchain Asia. And the initial price of each coin stands at about $104.00 USD.

I think these 10 coins will be snatched up really fast. And they will be traded up in value in no time. So if you are a collector, get one while the price of each is still reasonable. Happy collecting! So long for now.

- Ken Omega

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by Ken Omega

October is the peak of the Surfing Season in Danang, Vietnam.

It is rainy this time of year though. But hey, if you surf, a little water shouldn't bother you.

At the present time, it is difficult to enter Vietnam from outside the country. So you would need to be in Vietnam if you wish to travel to Danang. These restrictions will remain in place for at least the next few months. But the pandemic has been a severe global issue. And Vietnam remains a leader in preemptive measures to stem the spread of the virus.

That said, if you're in Vietnam, and you like to surf, then pack a bag and head on out to Danang. No need to bring your board. You can rent one when you get here. There are surf shops all over.


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by Ken Omega

Have you noticed that ever since Ripple (and their token, XRP) started cooperating with Big Banks and Governments all over the world, the establishment's view on cryptocurrency has changed?

No other company or coin has been able to sway the mood toward cryptocurrency / blockchain transactions like Ripple.

The song that the naysayers sing is all about 'Ripple basically selling out or lying down'. But think about it, no matter how loud you sing that song, NOTHING is going to happen with crypto en masse, unless “the powers that be” are comfortable that their position is not threatened.

Sure. You could argue that sans a regulatory environment, crypto users have more privacy. That may be the case. However, in such an environment, crypto will never gain mass adoption. And it will remain a platform for techies only. Big Banks (and Warren Buffet) have a loud voice. When they say “Rat Poison”, you and I may shake our heads. But the reality however, is that the vast majority of people (the masses) will take their word for it. Especially seniors and those soon to retire, who often have an old-school mindset to begin with. So by taking on the challenge of trying to help governments and banks strike an effective balance between regulation and utility (peoples willingness to use crypto), Ripple is actually doing the crypto community a huge favor.

Without a regulatory framework in place – one that can be agreed upon by governments and financial institutions worldwide, neither cryptocurrency as a whole, nor XRP in specific will see the type of adoption necessary to cause a mass adoption effect that will make cryptocurrency a ubiquitous concept. Short version: No ubiquity, no price increase.

So if you want to see the price of XRP go to the moon, then you should be in favor of regulation. And you should also know that whether you are in favor of crypto regulation or not, the simple fact of the matter is, it will happen. In fact it is already underway. And you should be making preparations to have your crypto properly situated when regulations are finally in place. Translation: Get a Nano Ledger, and transfer your crypto off of exchanges NOW!

Lastly, the part Ripple is playing to make cryptocurrency regulations equitable for both sides – the Establishment and the Masses, is more than significant. It's everything. Who else is doing what they're doing?! Shout to Ripple and especially Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. Thanks for all your hard work!

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by Ken Omega

Sometimes I fall asleep around 7pm. When that happens, I usually get a full eight hours' rest. They only thing is, it's 3am when I wake up. And then I'm wide awake. As most creative people know however, these early morning hours are a great time to get work done. If for no other reason than, it's typically so quiet, you can concentrate for extended intervals of time. If you're a writer for example, you can actually connect those ideas that the incessant jackhammer on the previous afternoon deprived you of. True story.

So you wind up falling into a pattern of waking up at 3 or 4 am, and getting significant work done during this time. Still, another way to get your imagination going, and tap into ideas is to simply go outside and take a walk. I have done precisely that on many an occasion. And in this blog post, I feature photos from one of the most recent early morning walks I have taken.

I didn't actually get going until about 5:30am. So the little breakfast place that I like was open. The night's darkness had just lifted. And the day's first rays of light had managed to slip their way in. Which was perfect, because there was now just enough natural light to take some decent photos.

Not knowing what I would encounter, I had left my DSLR Camera at home. So these are all cell phone pics. But I think they capture the mood reasonably enough.

After taking this walk yesterday, I've made a mental note to try to do this as often as I can; everyday if possible. My first stop would probably be the beach. I'd like to get there at about 4:45 am, while it's still dark, and watch the day break.

We've all seen this spectacle. And we know how magnificent and inspiring it can be. Yet we so often overlook the simple pleasures of life, and err toward the more complicated. The days, I try to remain focused on the former. And I'm discovering more and more, that the simpler you keep it, the better off you are.

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!

Ken Omega

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