TLDR: Before and After using CodeTantra clear your browsing history, logins cookies everything, hell use a separate browser like Brave.

Holla amigos, as we all know it's the Midsem Season and as we prepare for the exams, the institute prepares to make sure we don't copy, as a result we're stuck with a privacy nightmare that's called CodeTantra.

Privacy Policy

In a nutshell they say we'll take all data we can on you, share it with anyone who'll give us money and never delete it, unless you have the privilege of living in the European Union.

Have a scholarship? Well wait till we tell them you waste your time on non-educational websites. Have a password? Well now everyone on the dark web has it. How about every scholarship you'd ever apply to knows every account you have on every site?

Look out for your own ass and clear your browser of everything before and after you use this atrocity.

The Irony

If you look at the interface, it's the same as the one used by BigBlueButton. At first that might make you happy as BBB is an open source project licensed under the LGPL, so they're supporting Open Source Software I thought. But O boi did they crap the shitter.

Now they copied BBB's code nothing wrong with that, but LGPL license means you should acknowledge they did and share the changes they've made to the software and keep their code opensource for at least 3 years. LGPL:TLDR

“You will not make use of automated systems or software to extract data from CodeTantra's software and/or services. You are prohibited from scraping CodeTantra's website, softwares, applications and services through automated software.”

Am I the only one noticing the irony in this event? The institute wants us to not copy while paying to a company which is illegally stealing code?

India has contributed to so many great projects around the world and to the OpenSource Community. At the same time these people give India a bad name. These fuckers have the audacity to steal to make and money off someone else's work! And guess what we encourage it!

IIT Bombay uses this software to conduct exams, and every other institute followed their suite, as of course they're the best in the country. I can't comprehend the fact that the majority of the educational community has resorted to this and it's the norm!

For once could I freaking study before a midsem rather than dealing with shit?

Anyways, All the Best!