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There's a lot going around in media about the flow state in recent years but let's not over-complicate anything. Being in the flow state simply means “being in the zone”. I'm no Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi but as a movement artist and an athlete I can tell you a thing or two about “flow.”


The easiest way to get into the flow state is by doing something you love. With love comes passion, and it's impossible to not be in flow when you do something you love because you are in complete non-resistance. It's also possible to achieve flow outside of your passions but it takes extreme present moment awareness.


Have you ever watched Dragon Ball Z? When the Z fighters (the series protagonists) are facing impending doom, they enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train for what feels like 1 year in just 24 hours of Earth time. Flow feels kind of like that. As a BBoy, I spend a lot of my time training and some of the best sessions that I have feel as if I fit so much practice into such a short amount of time. It literally feels as if my mind slows down time in order to maximize the honing of my skills. Conversely, when in flow you may also feel as if time has flew by because you were so immersed into the activity. It just depends on how you look at it but ultimately it is the same. When you're in flow, time doesn't exist. You're just having fun.


In order to master the flow state we all must understand the one fundamental truth of life: That is that there is no past, and there is no future. There is only the present “Now”.

As we said before, we enter the flow state when we are completely immersed in an activity or challenge because we are in a single point of focus. That is one in the same as being present in the Now. So the goal of mastering the flow state is to make the flow state your natural state. To do that you have to set the intention of completely immersing yourself in everything you do, even the most mundane tasks such as cleaning. When you do everything in flow life becomes more vibrant and more enjoyable. You begin to appreciate every moment of your life. You then become in tune with the best version of yourself.


As you strive to live your life in the state of flow, a certain quality will be present in everything that you do. Your actions will become fueled by enthusiasm. The word “enthusiasm” derives from the Greek word “enthous” which means to be possessed by a God. Many artists, writers, and poets claim that a powerful and creative energy from within takes over when doing their best work. The more that we as humans understand and utilize the flow state, the more we are in harmony with the Universe and the easier it becomes to manifest a reality of your choosing. So remember, just flow.

“Be Water.” – Bruce Lee

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