Music is a successful example of human creativity. But can music itself inspire creativity?

This is a question worth considering, as music is becoming more and more intertwined with modern workspaces these days. Music has a strange and temporal extension: just as works of art add to the beauty of a place, so does music make time more beautiful.for example: آهنگ ازبکی ای یار In this article you will read about how music affects your performance.

In a world where we spend a lot of time at work and most of the work is done in front of the computer,Similar to محسن چاوشی دل من. music has become an integral part of our daily lives as a way to cope with tedious tasks. Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable The effect of music depends on how much you need to immerse yourself in what you are doing, which means how much creativity it requires. Research shows that if a task is predetermined and inherently repetitive, music can help a lot.

A set of experiments has been performed to show the relationship between people's performance when doing repetitive tasks and listening to background music while doing those tasks. The results strongly support the theory that the use of music in industry can boost economic benefits.

For example: میثاق راد طرفش منم من, production line employees have shown signs of increased productivity and satisfaction when listening to music.

New research argues that it is not music itself that causes a sudden increase in performance,for example: آهنگ امشب شب مهتابه مرضیه but the good mood that listening to your favorite music creates in you because you improve your performance while listening to music.

Heterogeneous music has been shown to have little effect on performance,Similar to: ترانه یار جنگی من شلوارپلنگی من while major fashion music (Major Fashion Rule: Curtain-Curtain-Half-Curtain-Curtain-Curtain-Half-Curtain) has shown better results, so that “individuals “Those who listened to background music had a dramatic increase in their performance when background music was major.”