small notes in a busy world

La normalità non esiste. È una fregatura, ed è pure pericolosa, perché ci spinge a distinguere le persone in categorie. Quelli “giusti” e quelli “sbagliati”. La verità è che ognuno di noi è unico. Non sono mai esistite due persone identiche nella storia dell'umanità, ed è proprio questo aspetto a rendere il mondo un posto così affascinante. No, tu non sei normale. Mettiti il cuore in pace. E non sei nemmeno ciò che dicono le etichette che gli altri ti hanno assegnato. Non sei il lavoro che svolgi per guadagnarti da vivere. Non sei l'età che dice la tua carta d'identità. Non sei il nome e il cognome che non hai potuto scegliere. Non sei la scuola che ti hanno obbligato a frequentare. Non sei la religione che ti hanno imposto. Non sei l'aspettativa che la tua famiglia aveva per te. Non sei un numero, sei un'opera d'arte. E non sei destinato a nulla se non a quello che tu stesso hai scelto. Tu sei il tuo stesso destino. La tua vera identità si trova nelle scelte che prendi consapevolmente da persona libera. Tu sei ciò che ti differenzia e ti rende un essere umano unico, non sei certamente ciò che ti rende “normale”. Tu sei tu. Una storia unica e inimitabile.

— Gianluca Gotto

Sono diversi mesi che questo spazio è silente. Sono indeciso sul suo futuro. La piattaforma e l'intero ecosistema costruito dal suo autore mi piace moltissimo.

Torno quindi a scrivere due fesserie qui, dove posso essere relativamente più lasco nei toni e nei pensieri. Oltre a voler provare un po' a testare con contenuti diversi i limiti di questa piattaforma.

Una cosa accade soltanto se ci credi davvero, ed è crederci che la fa accadere. — Frank Lloyd Wright

First break in my mental roadmap, yesterday was a busy day both at work and at home.

Anyway I was pondering on the opportunity, or not, to post personal thoughts in my Italian blog – runnung since 2003 with tech & social media as main topics – or write them down in a more intimate place, like this one. Or don't write them at all.

It's a time of my life when I feel, somewhat, the need to share those with someone other than my wife. We'll see…

Today we've finally announced the official dates for the 2019 edition of WordCamp Bari – Italy, which will take place in my hometown the 17 and 18 May. Also, we've launched the new website and its brand new identity (which I find amazing).

Will you come and attend?

WordCamp Bari

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Moments ago @francina posted on the Slack group of the WordPress Italian community a call to action for the creation of a group and the reference material to adopt during WordCamps all over the world.

Being an organizer of Bari (Italy) event in 2018 and in the soon to come May 2019 I am very interested on the topic and will follow the evolution of this.

#wordcamp #wordpress

… today I've started listening my first podcast not occasionally, but systematically.

Piccoli, non sfigati its the Italian podcast of the ‘Con Guido’ on-line marketing e-learning platform made by husband & wife Ivan Rachieli and Enrica Crivello.

I enjoy their work, but more importantly their way of thinking business and on-line presence, at the point to renounce listening to music during my home/work commutee and its relaxing power to follow their podcast, which basically is a chat between the two.

For me this is not a simple renouce, but their talk is slow, relaxed, with no special effect and all meaning so the listening is – up to the second episode of the season – quite enjoyable.

More will follow on this…

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Today on my feed reading routine I've encoutered a post praising the habit of leaving home issues at home, so to have a civil and polite dialogue with colleagues, or clients, when at work.

I have no problem with that … and I think it's also a trivial habit to develop in a few working months. But what about colleagues being disrespectful or – worse – simplistics about your work following their decisions ?

Last week I had a rude talk with a colleague, pleading request from another part of the team. I was very mad at them, and screamed against the colleague … and then tell him I was sorry, and that my rage was not against him.

Problem is, I'm still mad at the other part of the team and I wonder how will I manage to behave when a meeting will be called to evaluate the project's status…


… of this µ-blog (micro-blog) has suddenly become clear yesterday night while eating a panzerotti at home.

Try to write a thing a day, each day

I've got a full fledged blog in Italian, one in English, another one aimed at ‘professional’ aspects of my life, a Moleskine where I try to write down something for my young child as a memory for his future read.

What I am missing is a space to just write down things as they come. A place a little off my “personal brand” and more near my true self. And writing in English will be a small challenge to regain some fluency with the language.

See you tomorrow!

#journal #pourpose

Starting a new bloggin' space, like I did so many times in the past, on platforms now died and forgotten has a strange flavor.

But the promises, the approach, the culture that are fueling this platform is somewhat different from all that I've seen so far in the web, and it feels like exhilarating jumping on-board and start this navigation

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