Credit & Accounts Receivable Management Software

Credit Management Software

Make faster, more accurate credit decisions using Emagia’s AI-powered Credit Management Software. The solution provides you with smarter data that automates your credit decisions, increases healthy revenues and minimizes the accounts receivable (AR) risk. Emagia’s Credit Management Software features digital credit application forms, digital signatures, digital credit reference checks, business validation robots, digital credit scoring, digital credit approval process, and workflows for escalations.

Using the Emagia Credit Management Software, businesses can onboard customers 15x faster, accelerate credit processing to less than 2 hours, make high volume decisions 10x faster and build customer engagement 24x7. Come discover the pleasant side of managing your B2B credit.

Accounts Receivable Management Software

Intelligent Accounts Receivable Management Software is the need of the hour. Emagia’s AI-powered Accounts Receivable Management software comes with intelligent automation tools that replace up to 90% of the manual activities, help businesses gain better visibility and speedily respond to market changes.

Emagia’s AR management software provides a single view across multiple business entities including AR amounts, aging, DSO, credit utilization, payments, disputes, credits, customer payment, behavior prediction, and all related information. The AI-powered solution simplifies workflows for AR processionals, boosting “touchless” collections with digital assistants, automating dispute resolution, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Global enterprises such as Unisys, ConvaTec, Meredith use Emagia’s AR Management software.