AUR Pruning

Since following my post about the [life circumstances since getting my job](https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2019-August/035332.html), I took some time to comb through my current package list to see which packages I need help with maintaining. Below is the list I've compiled to help out potential adopters or co-maintainers. ### Previous versions * 2019-09-04: https://write.as/975gux45r35pev0m.md ## Compiz-Reloaded Needs co-maintainers ASAP. I can deal with the upstream bugs since I'm one of the developers there. ``` compiz-core compiz-gtk compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-experimental compiz-bcop ccsm ccsm-gtk3 compizconfig-python emerald emerald-gtk3 emerald-themes fusion-icon libcompizconfig compiz-core-git compiz-gtk-git compiz-fusion-plugins-main-git compiz-fusion-plugins-extra-git compiz-fusion-plugins-experimental-git compiz-bcop-git ccsm-git ccsm-gtk3-git compizconfig-python-git emerald-git emerald-gtk3-git emerald-themes-git fusion-icon-git libcompizconfig-git ``` ## Magic Set Editor I have no idea where to locate the upstream source repo for version 2.0.1 of `magicseteditor`. The other packages have stable sources at `msetemps` on SourceForge. Their sources should probably be migrated to the new official source site. ``` magicseteditor mse-extrafoils-fracture mse-extrafoils-ghost mse-extrafoils-insanity mse-extrafoils-jss mse-extrafoils-oil mse-extrafoils-old mse-extrafoils-parallel mse-extrafoils-polishedstone mse-extrafoils-ribbon mse-extrafoils-ripples mse-mtg mse-mtg-m15 mse-mtg-new mse-mtg-new-clear mse-mtg-new-doublefaced mse-mtg-new-flips mse-ygo ``` ## Swisseph The main libraries are stable since there's been no new releases for them. ``` pyswisseph pyswisseph3 ``` The ephmeris files, well... I'm not so sure about. Upstream doesn't version them properly. ``` swisseph_12 swisseph_18 ``` ## Fonts The fonts below have stable upstream sources. ``` otf-rebecca ttf-averia-serif ttf-dasroy ttf-futhark-adapted ttf-optimusprinceps ``` The fonts below for some reason have their upstream sources missing or relocated on their original home page. ``` ttf-enochian ttf-lightfoot ttf-masterforce-solid ttf-tangiers ttf-totem ``` ## wallpaperd I loved this program, but the original source code dropped off the face of the Earth. Anyone know where I can find it? One of the scripts that I packaged broke because of that. ``` lunifybg-wpd-git wallpaperd ``` ## Pidgin This one just needs a package() function before being passed off. ``` pidgin-cmds ``` This one below I don't use anymore. ``` fchat-pidgin-git ``` ## Text processing There's only a few here. Only python-textile needs updating. ``` python-markdown-sections python-textile ``` ## Utilities These ones have stable upstream sources ``` apwal fbterm-git hpoj httraqt nodejs-squiffy spacefm-plugin-clamav tmux-tcl-git qtnotifydaemon vim-zencoding zsh-directory-history-git ``` The below just need minor build fixes. ``` hypervc-qt4 gpw ninit qosmic ``` ## GTK+ Themes These ones have stable upstream sources. ``` gtk-theme-anewstart-blood gtk-theme-black-widow ``` ### Self-developed upstream The projects in here advance at the pace I have time to work on them. Most of these are also experimental, save for the `compiz-*` items. So not many package changes happen here. ``` compiz-pipeitems compiz-boxmenu chronoslnx-git locky-git qtarot-git qarithmancy-git qbiobeat-git slickpicker slickpicker-git ``` ## Self-developed, but needs help upstream Over the years, I've had trouble syncing my local notes using Syncthing and mikidown. This most likely has lead to the decline of using mikidown itself, which then lead to slowing down of development upstream. ``` mikidown mikidown-git python-asciimathml python-asciimathml-git ``` ### Should probably be submitted upstream These packages consist of patches to the source code for features. They should probably be submitted upstream so the patch doesn't need to be applied anymore. ``` kupfer-plugin-volumescc menumaker-compiz ``` ### Miscellaneous python modules Title says it all. ``` python-pyment-git python-vcs-move-git python-wordcloud-git ```