Fortnite: Battle Royale – Chest Map / Loot Map

We highly recommend heading over to site for greater detail, as you’ll be able to click on individual chests to bring up a screenshot of their exact location on the map itself. This is especially important when it comes to finding chests in some particularly dense areas such as Tilted Towers and Pleasant Park – it can be pretty tricky to get your bearings for the chests here. Read full content : http://fortnitefreevbucks.reapinfo.org/fortnite-chest-map-loot-map/ If we’re talking about the most chests, landing in Tilted Towers is almost certainly your best chance of bagging the best loot. Unfortunately you’ll have to contend with many other players – not just a few, expect an army!

We reckon Snobby Shores is fairly underrated as there are a tonne of chests and the likelihood is that you won’t really encounter that many players fighting over them. Fatal Fields is a little more popular, but it’s got one of the best locations for grabbing chests along the outskirts before legging it over to Salty Springs.