Interview with RF2 Owner

This is the interview I had with the owner of RaidForums2.

L: Why did you start RaidForums2, what was the goal?

Burke: Raidforums2 was originally meant to be a modified version of RF. RF was used most for NSFW leaks with a smaller section dedicated to hacking. RF2 would only be for hacking and leaks. I spoke to omni a week before was taken down for the first time with this offer [RF2 is hosted on public cloud platforms and uses Google as a domain registrar]

L: And when Omni didn’t like your idea, what did you do to him?

Burke: lol nothing, I started my own forum… at this point in time RF was down and the RF Mods stated Omni was “attacked by a mountain lion”. I was also banned from RF with the reason of “Federal Agent” which I am not. This was an attempt to discredit myself and RF2

Hacking Allegations

L: I saw that RaidForums2 was hacked, is this true?

BURKE: Lol no… [This is a Lie] I allows an old RF mod who seemed friendly to make changes to my site. he then attempted to forward traffic from my site to RF

*RaidForums2 was hacked by Pompompurin in 2022

Burke: *image redacted for privacy of the alleged staff member*

L: What type of encryption is RaidForums2 using? I heard RaidForums originally used SHA-1 and AES256

Burke: I will not specify that []… at this moment RF2 is still in early dev []… the site will go .onion soon

L: When the site moves to onion will it allow more illegal content like Guns and Rape

Burke: no, RF2 will only allow hacking/coding and leaks content… that is all I care about

L: And according to one of my sources, RF2 has a secret child porn section that has a $500 entry fee. Any comment?

Burke: lol, I would love to know that source.. that's 100% false [_nd most likely started by old RF Mods

L: Okay.. no matter then, final question then you can state anything you want: How does your country feel about you running this website

Burke: At this time I am not safe… Hosting and domain providers are not ok with what I am doing [Note: India is favorably against computer based crimez]

Burke: *something about talking to the CIA via POST Request, which seems like a joke*

L: If the federal government comes for you, will you give out information regarding your users

Burke: *could not translate from native language, but I believe the answer is Yes*

Burke: I [might] value the time and security of all RF2 users

L: What country do you live in… I see you support Ukraine

Burke: I live in the US

L: Has digital ocean or your domain provider given you any messages you can share about your website

Burke: yes I have revived [sic] warnings they have not done anything substantial yet. Regardless RF2 will transfer to a privately hosted source soon

L: Anything else you want to say?

Burke: RF2 has global friends that will aid us in any attack [I have no idea what this means]

At the end of our interview, Burke offered me access to child pornography which I denied.