Lessie Rodriquez

The Mistakes of the Descriptive Essays

You are sure to know that the descriptive essays are about giving the details. Indeed, the details make our speech and our writing rich and more interesting. Descriptive essays teach you how to use the details correctly, since it also require specific knowledge and skills. You can turn to https://maxhomework.com/college-homework-help/ to get help with essays or homework, if you don't want waste your time.

One may think “What is so hard or special about giving the details? You just need to describe something in more colorful words”. Yes, giving more words in the descriptive essays is not difficult. However, not all these words will be to the point and not all of them will contribute to the successful piece of writing.

Have you ever seen such notes in your margins “what is your point; not clear; explain”? Do you know what they mean? They mean that your reader (in your case it is tutor) was confused by what you have written. Actually, it is a bad sign and it is a common mistake of many students.

What is more, it means that you do not know how to use the details properly. You can use them just to confuse the reader.

So, what can you do about this situation?

• You have to check whether your details have not turned into the generalizations or empty abstractions. • You have to make sure that you have provided the reader with the background information. Your details should be related to certain information introduced previously. • You should also check whether you just have not got of the subject. Probably, you have been carried away by the details that you started to talk about something else.

So, giving the details is not easy and you should learn how to do it.