Spring Fever – Is it Jeopardizing Your Child's School Success? Part Two

Parents, time to come to attention and get focused. Your student needs you now and the tools you need to assist them are at your finger tips. The final weeks of the school year require a level of focus that most students struggle to achieve; this is where you as the parent need to step in. By providing encouragement, help, and accountability to set them up for academic achievement you can coach your child to school success. We want our students to finish strong, so let's help them meet that goal. https://ultimateletter.com/simple-leave-application-for-fever-in-school/

Offer your student encouragement and support. This is definitely the time to articulate the positives, they are under enough stress at school, do everything you can to make their time with you a safe haven. If you are a home schooling family the same holds true for you, continue to catch them being good and remember to acknowledge what you want repeated. Keeping their confidence level up will go a long way to giving them what they will need to tackle the next few weeks. Remember what Henry Ford said, “There is no man living that cannot do more than he thinks he can.”

This is a great time of the year to lay the groundwork for a contract with your child. I suggest that you empower them to put down in writing what they intend to accomplish this semester, each week, and daily. This written agreement essentially allows you to step into the role of coach. By clearly outlining the tasks that need to be completed you can hold the student accountable to their 'to do' list. By involving them directly in the process you gain permission, upfront to keep them on track. In essence you will become their accountability partner.

By cooperatively working with your student to lead them to success they will achieve the results they want. In addition to that accomplishment you have trained them in a great system of completion. The applications of this new system are endless. Also you have opened the door to future opportunities to offer assistance because you have collaborated. Your student will welcome your help in the future because you have valued their input and listened to their needs.