Why Sometimes We Should Let People Go

Letting go is such a big word. It means that you have fully recovered from your break up and now you are ready to date other people again. Letting go means you have already forgotten your previous relationship and you don’t feel attached to your ex anymore which makes you ready for a new relationship. This word would actually make your partner relieved because they don’t have to worry about you going back to your ex. However, before you say that you let your ex go, be sure that you are certain about your feelings because if not, you would be hurting your partner. There are also some times where we need to let go of someone not because they have loved another person, it is just that life doesn’t permit us to be together. Here are some of the things why we need to let go of people and just go with the flow. We are not meant to be together. Sometimes we let go of people and we do nothing about it because we know we are not meant to be together. We might have seen things that proved that we are not compatible with each other and if we persist to stay together, we will just end up hurting each other in the future. There are some things that we notice when we are with a person we love, we see their imperfections and sometimes we think that these imperfections will complicate the relationship that’s why we let them go. Fate decided that we are not for each other. Fate has a way of telling people that they are not meant to be together. Sometimes fate would throw in some problems that will really test your love for each other, when you have passed through this hurdle, you will come out as a strong couple and nothing would ever come between you that you can never handle however, if you have succumb to that problem, you should let go of that person. Circumstances in life have parted us. Sometimes life intervenes in our relationships. There are times where both of your situations would clash together thus parting you away from each other. There are some circumstances that would hinder you from being together and when this happens, you have no choice but to let go of that person because no matter what you do, life is telling you that you will never be together. Love wasn’t enough to conquer everything. Love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. Just loving your partner doesn’t mean that your relationship will last forever. If your love isn’t enough to conquer anything then maybe you should let go of that person. Love is practically telling you that your love is not strong enough to pass through tough situations in your life and the future is full of those difficulties that we will never know. There are so many unexpected things in life and if your love is not strong enough, your romance will never last. I just read this article about the history of women’s basketball and if you want to read it, click this link. https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2020/08/a-history-of-womens-basketball/