DSLR Corals Attempt 1

I want to take better pictures and thus am learning to use real cameras. Most frequently I take pictures of my sourdough, aquariums, dog, and ecological restoration projects. The photos I've taken with a phone are ok but don't capture the feeling and beauty that I wish they did. Using better equipment, and learning how to use it, will hopefully help me take pictures to inspire and give joy to people. Rae lent me her DSLR weeks ago but today was the first time I could psych myself up to trying it. It is an intimidating piece of equipment, that belongs to someone else so I am extra nervous using it. And I am a fairly shaky person, and quite colorblind. The photos aren't great but the important thing is I finally did the thing and took the photos! Aquarium photos are extra challenging, these are the only remotely decent photos from the shoot. You have to start somewhere and I am proud I finally did.

Pachyseris coral Zoanthid coral shot of the tank