Mario 64 Nostalgia

Over the break for the holidays I have been playing the Switch port of Mario 64 and it makes me feel like a kid. The game is not for everyone and it definitely shows its age but to me it is special. It was one of the first open world 3D games and it is just a sweet, silly, glitchy game. When it came out the main 3D games with computer games that were very dark and serious. Mario 64 is more dreamlike. Its clear they were experimenting and having a good time making it. What other games do you race penguins, or chase after eels, and shoot yourself into the sky out of a cannon so you can fly around rainbows. Just running around and seeing what you can do is as much fun as the game. Future 3D games are much more polished and technically superior, this game kinda stands alone as a special, weird, joyful experience.