Plots in Bangalore

Planning to invest somewhere? Here's why you need to look for plots in Bangalore than a built project. Read on to know more;

Real estate is the fastest pacing industry in India, highly credible and safer than other industries if followed right. From the early 21st century, we can witness many individuals relying on real estate investment methods for many reasons like emotional connect, reliability, Tangibility, etc. Yet, with many options, it is quite apparent to fall into dilemmas of choosing the best property type.

Meanwhile, plots are one such property type, which is undoubtedly evergreen and in demand. The usage of the property doesn't impact the price or appreciation value of the property. It merely depends on the locality and other factors that generally affect the property value. Thus, with many options like flats, villas, independent bungalows, commercial properties and plots, Plots are still the best choice. They generally turn up in the outskirts of the city to sync well with urban infrastructure and the scenic views surrounding.

Bangalore is one such city that houses many plots in and around the city with great ambiance and social infrastructure that generally bring the best out of its actual value. It is ideal to either build a home or to invest in property like a plot as it is just a plain land that can be used as per the owner's preference. Thus, you confidently feel like you own the space rightfully!

Not only this, but there are also many more reasons as to why the plots in Bangalore can turn out to be a fortune in future aspects.

  1. No maintenance cost: Generally, owning a flat or house comes with a certain amount of about 4000/– INR as a monthly maintenance cost. On the contrary, it is different in the case of the site/ plot. Even the most particular or cost-effective investment planner can buy plots confidently as the regular monthly expenses do not occur.

The costs you plan for are based on your preferences. Thus, there are no mandatory expenses implied on you to follow through, and virtually no maintenance is required.

  1. Tax reduction: Property tax is a regularly occurring type of tax that is mandatory to abide by, whether you own a flat or land. There will be a certain amount allotted yearly to be cleared by the landowners. However, the property tax of properties is comparatively higher than the plots.

For instance, the tax imposed on plots starts from Re.0.10 per square feet to Re. 0.50 per square feet. Whereas, residential properties range anywhere between Rs. 2.50 per square feet to Rs.5! So now it's your take on what you choose for the best of your comforts. With saving money, you are also on the unique path of business while choosing to invest in a plot.

  1. Low investment: Properties that are already developed are usually priced higher than the actual value of the plot where it is built. This could be due to various factors, perhaps the infrastructure, uniqueness, and comforts aspects of the ambiance or just the name of the builder, etc. Thus, due to all of this, investors switch to home loans and fall into debts of repaying them. Eventually, they fail to realize the best side of plots. Moreover, even young investors today can buy plots as comparatively cheaper. The rates, expenses, and other finance-related works are pretty much justifiable than that of an already developed property.

Adding more to the pricing, the value of the land takes a high toll in numbers, especially in cities like Bangalore, with great potential to grow and create demand.

  1. Offers high flexibility: It is evident that residential flats for sale in Bangalore are generally limited to the architect or builder's ideation, plan, and preference, and thus it doesn't allow us to portray our styles and creativity. A plot, to be precise is When it comes to land, and the whole space surely needs customization based on the owner's requirements and this is a boon for those who like to add a touch of personalization like adding elements that are essential to you and even use the materials of your choice to the venture.

Moreover, you can convert the land how it benefits you, be it residential property, resort, or commercial office space. Thus, it is purely based on your expectations and plan.


  1. Substantial appreciation value: One of the most attractive and eye-catchy features of realty investment methods is that they are always on the positive side, which means that there is a steady growth in the appreciation value of properties annually. This is pretty much a common factor of residential and commercial properties around, but in case of land, it can give you an edge!

In recent times, the land has always been appreciating the high time and much faster than the other two types provided. There is a significant improvement, greenery, and vibrant locale to meet such high demands and rise of the value. For instance, plots in Bangalore are rapidly and economically a developing area of land. That being said, plots for sale in Bangalore will always come with a higher valuation and add more value over time. The best part is when you blend the facts like a low investment, low maintenance, low property tax, and yet high returns! Don't you think this is a comparatively better option? If yes, let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

All these points give a clear picture of how the benefits you get by investing in a piece of land. Precisely, it is best suggested to invest in what syncs to your long term goals. If you are a young buyer who is buying just for future preparedness, investing in a plot or area of land is undoubtedly the best option!

It is also suitable for those looking for investment options that incur minimal risk with higher returns. Considering all these aspects mentioned above, it is pitch-perfect to opt for investing in Bangalore plots rather than investing elsewhere and waiting for the right time to sell.