Can you be a social worker without a degree in Michigan?

Individuals who choose to become a social worker in Michigan must first complete unique coursework, field work, and post-graduate experience. To become a social worker, candidates must also register and pass a state test. Those pursuing social work licensing in Michigan must at the very least have a bachelor's degree and apply for a limited kind of licensing in order to complete the in-field requirements for full license. Most licenses need a master's degree in social work, however others allow to have a bachelor's degree.

Requirements for obtaining a social worker license

Students must pay an application fee and pass exams in order to receive a license. The state of Michigan's requirements ( ) for social workers are somewhat flexible in that students with a social work degree can specialize in a particular subject and choose which licenses they want to obtain.

What kind of degree is needed to work as a social worker in Michigan? A Bachelor's Degree is the minimum educational prerequisite for obtaining a social work license in Michigan. This must be received from a Council on Social Work Education-accredited school or program. The CSWE keeps an up-to-date list of all approved social work degree programs around the country that you can check out. The list contains details like when each program was approved and what specialties are available.

How to Become a Licensed Social Worker in Michigan?

There are four different types of social work licenses available in Michigan. To become a licensed bachelor social worker, you must first have a bachelor's degree in social work, must obtain 4,000 hours of supervised field experience, and pass the ASWB bachelor's exam.

Licensed graduate social workers must possess a master's degree in social work, complete 4,000 hours of supervised in-the-field experience, and pass the ASWB master's exam.

Licensed certified social workers need a bachelor's degree, limited licensure to complete in-field requirements, and a passing grade on a board exam. Private independent practice certification social workers must have a master's degree, work experience in the field, and pass an exam.

Licensed Bachelor Social Worker (LBSW)

Bachelor of Social Work Degree

Students must complete a bachelor of social work degree in order to receive their LBSW, which prepares them to deal with clients and introduces them to many areas of social work. The necessity of receiving a degree from a program approved by the Council on Social Work Education should be stressed to students (CSWE).

Limited Licensure for Experience

Licensure requires 4,000 hours of supervised experience in the profession, which must be preceded by a limited licensure. The ASWB conducts the Bachelor's Exam, which was developed to ensure that social workers are knowledgeable about best practices and core skills for assisting patients. The exam in Michigan costs $230 to complete.

Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) Individuals must obtain a master's degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited institution in order to become an LGSW. Students in this program research specific areas of social work and select one that best suits their interests.

Individuals must complete 4,000 hours of supervised in-the-field experience to acquire limited licensing, demonstrating that they are capable of working in the field and know how to connect with clients and other professionals.

Master's Exam in ASWB

This exam, which demonstrates students' academic and real-world expertise, is administered by the ASWB. The exam costs $230.

Licensed Certified Social Worker

Individuals must first receive a master of social work degree, which introduces them to the areas of social work and the requirements for licensure in those areas, in order to become a licensed certified social worker.

Limited Licensure for Experience

To learn how to deal with clients, individuals must complete supervised work experience in the field.

Pass a Board Exam

In order to achieve their licensed certified social worker certification, students must pass a board exam demonstrating expertise in their chosen field. Fees for both the application and the exam are required.

Private Independent Practice Certification

Master of Social Work Degree

Earning a master's degree in social work is the first step in obtaining private independent practice certification. Students in the program concentrate on certain areas in the field.

Limited Licensure for Experience

Individuals must apply for limited licensure to gain private independent practice certification, which exposes them to real-world social work settings and allows them to utilize skills learned in their degree program.

Pass a Board Exam

To establish competency in the profession of social work, individuals must pass a board exam. Fees for both the application and the exam are required. How Long Does it Take to Become a Licensed Social Worker in Michigan?

In Michigan, being a licensed social worker takes at least a couple of years due to schooling and experience requirements. This period is also dependent on the sort of license you desire to obtain. For example, if a person wants to get a master's degree in social work, it will take them six years to get their bachelor's and master's degrees, and then another two or more years to get the 4,000 hours of field experience required for licensure.

Accredited Social Work Programs in Michigan

Michigan social workers with a degree from a state-accredited program have an edge over those with a degree from another state. When a student enrolls in an accredited social work school in Michigan, she also completed practicum and internship requirements in the state.

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