[ Symbolism, sorcery and spyware ]

They, are using psychic manipulation in an attempt to program people at a subtle level whilst weaponizing the person's body.

When the so called subject's body is going against him / her, that will hinder any form of progress that the person is incline towards.

It begins with a mental form of “self – sabotage” thus leading to the physical.

They will attempt to weaken the mind and body through sleep deprivation which makes a person more susceptible to thought and behavior manipulation, which is incidentally followed by psychic attacks on a subtle level.

Furthermore, emotions like guilt, doubt, confusion and depression are manufactured, and used to keep the subject in a revolving door.

Self – doubt, specifically, is not a natural state, it is a psychically induced spell.

Any form of compulsive behaviour is a type of psychic attack or astral manipulation.

They seem to have the ability to insert false thoughts and impair memory.

Depending on a person's sense of coherence, an individual can discern between the energy signature of your own thoughts and of those that are implanted.

There has been several attempts on my life. Some are in subtle insidious ways through psychic and astral attacks, that has a physical effect on the body. Others are through thought insertion, whereby a foreign thought with a feminine energy signature suggests self terminating actions.

This is all done by using some type of technology, weapon or magick to influence and manipulate thoughts / behaviour through either programming, frequency or ritual.

Time is also exercised in their attempts at conditioning that can direct the subject into a certain frame of mind.

All technological devices can be spied on from the mainframe without the user knowing that the microphone or camera is turned on or active. This leads to the accumulation of data that profiles a person's behaviour.

Symbolism is a language which can be utilized to condition or program.

They are known to communicate with each other using symbols, either in the form of body language or abstract representation.

There are people who are posing as “lightworkers” (which is a label or generalisation), but in contrary, they work for the darkness.

“Lightworkers” are frequently wielded against each other with spells and codes that may be corrupted with unhealthy programs.

What is the motive for all this ?

According to the perceptions of the current reality and based on the empirical information presented, it seems that, they are harvesting energy and essence, as if human beings are some type of agricultural product.

Be aware.