The role of different governments of the world in the field of AI

Government enthusiasm for AI has picked up recently, and numerous government authorities are beginning to pose similar inquiries business chiefs were asking a few years back. Governments and huge NGOs are beginning to put resources into AI, spending budget and time on pilot programs for different AI applications and conversations with individuals in the field on the future implications of the innovation.

As machine learning capacities improve, world governments will probably put significantly more in AI research. IDC assessed the US government’s investment in cognitive

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Thoughts on the rehabilitation of Adam Neumann …

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Corporate clone syndrome is a thing. Award-winning corporate coach and psychometric trainer Rita Chowdhry explains why.

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Hear from Oren Molovinsky

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Kamyar Shah, Fractional CMO

1) How should companies be treating their employer brand, especially in comparison to their consumer brand?

The differentiation between employee and employer brand is futile; those two have a symbiotic relationship. The same goes for consumer brands.

2) Do they both matter?

Of course both matter. Positive branding from any aspect and any level usually has a positive impact on overall brand perception. The brand value is transferable both in-depth and breadth.

3) How should companies balance both?

It needs to be a cumulative effort that enables branding from any/every level. The benefits are mutual to all; employee, employer and the company. The storytelling portion of a brand can work its way all the way up to the corporate level.

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