about (in relation to) me

It's a stormy night. The rain has cleared on the 71 degree evening, and the cool, humid-filled air fills the garage with a smell of pungent grass and damp foliage. I stamp out my cigarette as I turned to address the small two-monitor computer station sanctioned to the center of the back wall. Neighbors can come by, some do, and critters can crawl into the well-lit space, as well. Luckily, they don't.

As I wheel in a harvest yellow desk chair from PC station to lowered workbench, I consider what needs to be soldered in the coming hour. I want to make progress before the AM hits. Crickets fill the wind with their mating chirps. The AM radio plays random talk in the background.

I thumb through booklets of documentation, straighten the bench more, light another cig and scan the driveway and street beyond to my curiosity.

The eventless, distraction-free, quiet evenings of Midwest twilight spin energy in me. A Night Owl, ready to see “what's for tomorrow” as I poke and prod the lofi-yet-capable computer hardware in front of me. “What will we think of next?” And, “what can we do with what we have now?”, I always ponder as I work with consumer machines.

This scene of dense evening dark, faded cigarette aromas in-air, flickering CRT's to my backdrop – it's as I see myself in this world. A person of interest, of having interests, and of wanting to build and create. Make and partake in what has been made.

And so I do.