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One time, we were selling biscuits, and a customer asked,

“Which one is healthier? The chocolate flavoured one or the Matcha flavoured one? Matchs is healthy for you right?”

After a moment of thought, I responded,

“Matcha is healthy, but they both contain sugar. I don't think either of them has any good health benefits.”

The answer was obvious. I was watching the kitchen cook making biscuits right in front of me, and I see them pouring sugar into the batter like it's nobody's business. And then, they try to sprinkle some matcha powder on top, as if that's going to cancel out all the sugar in there!

Later, I realized that I'm guilty of the same thing. I'm all about sugary drinks, so I choose orange juice over cola, thinking I'm making the healthier choice. And I eat a salad after chowing down on some greasy fried chicken, as if some greens are going to magically erase all that oil.

But guess what? Our bodies are smart, they know what's up. No matter how many nutrients and fibers you sprinkle on top, your body still has to work through all that sugar and oil. And that is why we're better off not putting the bad stuff in our bodies in the first place.

You may have heard of this detox food philosophy that says it balances out the bad stuff in our bodies like yin and yang. But from the stomach's perspective, it doesn't matter what came first, it still has to work through all that vegetable oil that our ancestors never even knew about. So, let's just not put it in our bodies in the first place.

Furthermore, if you're having trouble digesting certain foods, it's not just in your head. You might have a food intolerance that's making your stomach work overtime. Take my friend, for instance, who didn't even realize that rice was the source of her exhaustion until she went on a two-week elimination diet. After a week of avoiding rice, she felt like a brand new person!

Next time, let's try improving our diet by find the offending foods that might be overworking our stomachs, leading to inflammation or gas.

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