I need a space where I can talk and express myself without fear of what others might think. Sometimes I hold so much inside that it hurts.

This have changed dramatically. Someone I was friends with, someone that I know is supposed to be married with a family, crossed some lines. I was willing to shrug it off and move past it if they knew I wanted no part in their feelings.

What they ended up saying to bothers me a lot. Sometimes more when I look at it, when I dwell on it.

I have great respect for people when they have families, when they're in relationships. A part of me feels safer around those of the opposite sex, like I can be myself and be friends and have a good time. I believe people are faithful. I believe the best of people and it's really disappointing when when someone turns that upside down.

I'm going to go over snippets of what they said.


~ So We're Working From Home ~

The pandemic, for me, started in the middle of March 2020. We'd heard about the virus before this, how it was spreading. I suppose it was a matter of time before it would arrive here.

Our department supports various functions of our workplace. We thought the possibility of closing down and having to work remotely was a likely possibility, it was just a matter of when. We scheduled a meeting on March 13th, a Friday. We broke off into little groups with assigned tasks aimed at addressing how all our employees would work from home. We'd barely started when an email was sent to all staff indicating we would have to work from home, starting end of day on Monday, March 16th.

That happened fast.