Why some people say “empathy is bad”

You heard this one before. “All these people talk about empathy like it's a virtue, but it's bad actually”.

Why, though?

If you think about it for a bit, it kinda makes sense. After all, taking any decision based solely on a gut feeling of empathy for some specifc person can be harmful. We naturally feel more empathy towards people who are charismatic, or people who we agree with, or people who are close to use. Like any other human feeling or sense, it can be deceptive, which is why we should think before any decision.

But it's a bit weird to then conclude that empathy is bad and ugly and it makes me sad. Why empathy specifically? Aren't other feelings just as fallible? Why discard it completely? Just because it is sometimes misleading, doesn't mean that it will never be useful.

Of course, the point isn't actually condemning empathy. The point is implying that, by contrast, selfishness is good. After all, if empathy is terrible, having no empathy at all, i.e. being selfish, must be good and moral.

It's just a thinly veiled justification for randian morals.