Biscoff Ice cream

You can tell lockdown has been going on for so long when I look in the calendar I share with my wife and see that for 25 March the only entry is a reminder that Biscoff ice cream is being launched that day. So starved of other things that is the highlight of the week. Anyhow come 6pm we've finished work and my wife asks me to pop to the frozen food shop Iceland and get some Biscoff ice cream. What I find there is staggering: there was only 1 pack left! Obviously a few other people had it in their diaries too.

Back home the family eagerly gather round to do a taste test. Though at this point I must confess I don't really like Biscoff. Well the actual little biscuits with a coffee are OK but I'm rather not fussed either way by it. The kids love the stuff though and we have Biscoff spread they have on toast. All this means my taste test report is quite underwhelming: it was OK. I love a Vienetta ice cream and it was based on that as far as I could tell so it had that going for it. However my family really liked it. Worth trying it for yourself I'd say. If your local Iceland hasn't sold out already that is.