#100DaysToOffload – Day 3

Reading is something that brings me a lot of pleasure and something I've always done. I'll read most types of books and am happy with non-fiction as well as fiction. Saying that I'm not sure I would read most types of books! Whilst not a book snob and definitely would read lowbrow as well as highbrow I would probably skip romance, fantasy and sci-fi. I'd say I read to be entertained, not challenged. Definitely prefer stuff that is easy to follow but not formulaic and also like books where I have no idea how it is going to end.

When I had an account on the pubnix host my Gopher space was pretty much just used to keep a record of my reading progress. I liked that and should probably do similar again. Goodreads is a site I've used for ages, from before they got bought by Amazon. A friend once described it as being “like Strava but for clever people”. It's useful to see what friends are reading and track my own reading but goodness the users on there can be incredibly annoying. They seem to want to out do each other with hugely intellectual reviews of books that basically just show off how “clever” they are and are all very literary but with little of how much they enjoyed it or if they felt compelled to read it.

One upshot of lockdown is the libraries are shut. I'm an avid user of my local libraries and can be a bit evangelical about them. As they are now all shut I'm ploughing through my “to read pile” which actually isn't a pile at all but several shelves.

I am participating in a blogging challenge called #100DaysToOffload. This is my day 3/100. Check out for more info.