#100DaysToOffload – Day 22

Today my daughter and I popped to the supermarket. Our nearest supermarket is Waitrose (we do live in Hove after all) and everyone has been saying how long the queues have been to get in. This is our 4th trip and the 4th time we've turned up and there has been no queue at all but by the time we leave there has been quite a queue. (There were at least 12 people waiting as left.). The one thing I've noticed about Waitrose is a big increase in the amount of items reduced to clear on the last day of the sell-by date each time we've visited. Seems they are maintain full stock levels but have a much diminished number of customers so items aren't selling. Which brings us to the title of this post: I can't resist a reduced item! I'll eat frugal whenever possible (though never battery eggs and always high welfare meat). Today's bargains were a pork belly joint reduced to £1.35 from (iirc) £4.45 and diced pork shoulder reduced to £1.40 from £3.20. The pork belly has been in the slow cooker for 6 hours already and I've just pulled it (ooh-er mrs!). The diced shoulder is in the freezer and will be slow-cooked soon with barbeque sauce and beans. Last week I got some bananas from the local co-op for 9p! (The co-op is amazing for bargains as they have a zero waste policy so need things to sell so they don't have to return them to their distribution centre.). They went in smoothies and banana bread. This habit often exasperates Mrs Luke as we do end up with some very random things in our freezer (current exhibit: M&S crabsticks for 20p) but usually it's all useful and gets used up eventually.

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