Movie Night

#100DaysToOffload – Day 28

Yesterday while trying to think of fun things to do for the kids I decided to put on a movie night in our backyard.

We watched My Spy which turned to be a harmless family blockbuster type film. Normally getting the family to agree on a film is a nightmare and we give up after 30 minutes but this time we jut let the kids choose and my daughter bullied her brother into watching that!

getting ready

I printed off some “tickets” and used a trusty popcorn recipe I got from the New York Times a while ago: ½ cup of oil to 1/3 cup of popcorn. It's a lot of oil but makes great popcorn every time. Then while hot toss it with some sugar/salt/whatever.

Then set up an old projector in the garden and arranged the chairs with a load of blankets on to keep the chill away.

settling down

Worked an absolute treat. The family loved it and have already asked to do it again next week!

I am taking part in the 100 Days to Offload blogging challenge set by Kev Quirk.