Not so easy jet

#100DaysToOffload – Day 25

Like many other people Covid19 messed up travel plans I had. Next weekend my son would have been playing in a big international football tournament in Düsseldorf. He played there last year (in fact all his international away trips have been to Germany, I think someone senior has shares in a German hotel chain!) and a few dads went out to support the boys in their matches. When I say support the boys I mean drink copiously for 48 hours; we were broken on the way home. This particular tournament is held over the Whit Sunday weekend in Düsseldorf which is a big public holiday and lots of bars have bands performing out in the street. It's a great atmosphere so the few dads that went before decided to book up in advance to get good prices. Then obviously lockdown happened and all youth football is cancelled.

Now despite Mrs Luke and myself having a joint email address for bills and purchases our Easyjet account has Mrs Luke's email address associated with it. I'd been regularly logging into the account to see if the flight was cancelled or to see what the options were for rebooking the flight. It's getting closer and closer and the rebook option looks like it going to have to be it. If you use their website you can rebook your flight with no admin fees and if the new flight costs more you pay the difference. Simple! Not so much in practise. Everytime I tried the process it tried to charge money despite the new flights being significantly cheaper. No way was I going to pay more for a flight I didn't really want or need so was considering just taking a loss on the money. Mentioned all this to Mrs Luke and she says “oh why didn't you just apply for a refund voucher like the email says?”. WHAT EMAIL? For some reason she'd assumed I'd seen an email in her inbox, which obviously I hadn't. She finally manages to dig it out and there was a nice easy process to get a credit voucher for the value of the flight. Just had to click 1 button. Which she did. Only to receive an email telling her she was a week too late to do so. FFS! This all became a VERY thorny issue in our household and was threatening to be the cause of a properly serious row. Just as this was simmering away and about to boil over another email turned up saying the flight is cancelled and would we like a credit voucher for the value plus £10 added on top for our troubles? Hallelujah! It was such a huge relief. Now I've set up a filter to forward any emails from Easyjet to our joint email so we can wait for the same fun and games with our flights for our summer holiday!

I am taking in the 100 Days to Offload blogging challenge set by Kev Quirk.