#100DaysToOffload – Day 24

Whilst collecting the milk from the doorstep and opening up the latest coffee delivery it struck me that as punters we're going full circle back to the days of wealthy Victorians. What am I talking about? I'm talking about how there seems to be a growing trend for folks, myself included, to subscribe to individual services/products instead of getting everything from 1 big supermarket. Of course loads of people do just get everything from the 1 source but there seems to be more and more online businesses popping up offering a delivery of product X every month. So what do I subscribe to?

Hmm that list doesn't seem that long so I'm sure I've missed some off. During lockdown I've also considered signing up for a chocolate club, artisan chocolate delivered every month, and local bookshop subscription where you tell them the last 5 books you enjoyed so they can pick new releases they think you'll like and send them once a month. In the past we also had a local egg farm delivery but my wife was convinced they weren't free-range so cancelled. From the adverts I see online there is no end of these “clubs” popping up: Japanese confectionary, notebooks and stationery, socks, beer, wine, etc etc.

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