The Farther Corner

Currently I'm reading The Farther Corner by Harry Pearson. Harry Pearson's The Far Corner is a great book and I got a bit evangelical about it. This is a follow up to that book so when I saw it was being published I rushed to buy it in hardback. Believe me I never buy a hardback but I didn't want to wait for the paperback to come out.

cover of the book

Ostensibly it is about football in NE England but really it is about people and because it is about people it is interesting and funny. Pearson is a great observer of humans and captures great exchanges between the people he meets or overhears. Non-league football has a lot of “characters” and Harry seems to encounter most of them. It's really a homage to the people of the Tyne and Tees areas. So far I'm currently on page 103 but I only started it a couple of days ago.