The place that doesn't exist

Wish Park in Hove. It's a fairly boring rectangle of grass lined by trees but it is much loved by families and dog walkers as well as the 5 grassroots football teams (that I know of, probably more) that call it home and the cricket club based there. Thing is it doesn't exist. Ask any local where Wish Park is and they can tell you. Look for it online and you'll find references to it but not the place itself. Oddly the official for the place is Aldrington Recreation Ground though the cafe there is called Wish Park Cafe and the playground is called Wish Park Playground.

Thankfully someone has added Wish Park to the official signs to help folks out. The elephant on that as there is a folklore tale that back in Victorian times one of the elephants of a visiting circus died and was buried there. There's not evidence to prove this happened at all but it is a fun tale and seems unlikely to be shaken any time soon.

During last summer, when the park was incredibly busy with familiess trying to enjoy some outdoors within lockdown regulations, a very nice mural was painted at one end on an ugly electricity sub-station. Guess what it says on it? Wish not Aldrington. Wish Park the place that doesn't exist.

Wish Park Mural