Week of Sundays

Well Christmas has been and gone. Obviously with Covid restrictions it was a quiet one. Lots of folks saying Christmas would be very strange this time round given the restrictions but we'd assumed the worst and that we'd be under full lockdown for Christmas so hadn't made any plans to see family. Usually we're quite busy at this time of year visiting the various branches of our families for festivities but none of that this year. Christmas day itself was fine mainly thanks to the kids being excited for the presents and we sat down to a delicious meal. Boxing Day we went for a walk in the country and had a lovely lunch with cheese and cold cuts. It's now these days until New Year's that is the really odd ones. Off work until Jan 2021 but can't really go anywhere or do anything and Storm Bella making it so we don't want to go out at all anyway. It's like a week of crap Sundays.

Got some great gifts this year and lots of lovely books:

Just need to finish my current library book, The Sound, The Fury, and then I can crack on with them.

We did manage to take a family trip to the beach (it's a 10 minute walk from our house) on the morning after Storm Bella. We found loads of seaglass which my daughter has been obsessed with since lockdown started. This is just from that one trip:

And we've got loads more at home. I got a bit too obsessed with looking for it but the light yesterday was perfect for finding it as it was making it all sparkle wonderfully.

Lastly this is nothing to do with any of the above but a forum I check has new advertising but the code seems broken:

Some of those have my really intrigued: what's with the bottle to the ear? Graham Norton and Bitcoin? That said I'm still not intrigued enough to click-though!

Happy New Year all.