When your victim card gets frequent flier miles

Jon Del Arroz is a professional victim. This is his shtick, and it has been for awhile.

His current goal is to claim that being banned from WorldCon is politically or racially motivated and not because Jon said he was going to break the rules on unwelcomed photography by wearing a body-cam.

If Jon's rant sounds familiar that's because it is. You might have heard a similar thing in late 2016, early 2017 when he claimed BayCon blacklisted him for political reasons. The problem was he didn't have any proof, and BayCon publicly stated they had a policy of cycling guests which is a common occurrence in the convention scene. The whole thing is detailed here at File770, a science fiction/fantasy blog written and edited by Mike Glyer.

If that site sounds familiar, well that is because Jon then decided to cry victim from them because of that article. File770 has no real affiliation with BayCon besides having a similar interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy, but that didn't stop Jon from his accusations found here. This goes on for about a year. If you go to Jon's own site and search out File 770, you'll see his accusations have grown from claiming that Mike's wrote “dishonest and sloppy reporting” to lumping them into articles of Jon ranting about full-blown discrimination.

The game doesn't stop there. Jon came out about anti-male discrimination in Science Fiction. It wasn't the best-researched piece, and folks have criticized his points and math quite a bit. It almost seems like a viable complaint until you find out the precursor to this occurred because Jon was called out for messaging followers of an all-female podcast, and saying stuff like this: Went out of his way to harass

He wrote this article for the Federalist and then was shocked that folks didn't like it. His critics, of course, were “haters” that were “toxic” and he didn't hesitate to drop the race card in the middle of this post. “You might note the overwhelming amount of Anglo males calling a Hispanic writer “white supremacist”.”

I mean, I agree that a few of those folks were brutal, but it wasn't a particularly good article, and sometimes people criticize because something isn't well written and the writer was trying too hard to be edgy.

Jon was shocked when Comic fandom site Bleeding Cool wrote a piece about him. He claimed that it might be the Marvel Editor Axel Alonso who had a hand in this. “Got a nice message this morning to find out I was on Bleeding Cool news, a comic book news website for those who don’t follow such things. Last week, I forwarded them my 2nd blog on the troubles that Marvel is having, after my research going into every single one of their writers’ twitters and finding that they all hail from one side of the political spectrum, to an extreme bent, and how it looks like Editor in Chief Axel Alonso has a litmus test or a soft blackball of anyone who disagrees with that position from being on the staff.” Found here in his post about Fake News.

How did Jon come to this leap in logic that the Marvel Editor might be harassing him? Well, he wrote a hit piece on Marvel on a few sites including one on Jon's own blog where he listed all the Marvel writers and criticized them on everything from politics to their religion...? “G.Willow Wilson – “Muslim” Ms. Marvel writer, rants anti-Trump posts all the time.” Excellent use of quotes there Jon.

If someone called him xenophobic, they'd probably be called racist though, right? His blog posts after this event are kind of funny because he keeps wondering why folks in the Comics Industry are blocking him on Twitter.

But... but... He's the victim!?

Jon never calls anyone names or gives false accusations, right?

Oh, except he was messaging the followers of that all-female podcast. Well, they fall under a bigger collective called the Escape Artists. Jon actually called them terrorists at one point along with the Science Fiction Writer's Association with his article titled, “Sci-Fi’s SJW Terrorism: An Editor’s Inside Look,” found here.

“At the beginning of September, I did a piece proving beyond reasonable doubt that there is anti-male discrimination going on in the publishing industry, and that it’s widespread. It resulted in the Mean Girls in charge of the science fiction publishing organization known as SFWA coming after me and really attempting to destroy my life both online and through harassing me in real life.” Once again, he's claiming he's a victim, this time to terrorism. Does the U.S. Military give awards to civilians fighting the good fight on terror against American women in suburbia?

So that's racism, terrorism, sexism, I'm sure if we dig through his blog and twitter history we'll fine that he's probably won the Victim game and claimed everything has hurt him. I imagine he has got a repetitive stress injury from all the times he's cried wolf.

The most mind-boggling thing of all about Jon is, he insults and harasses people, then wonders why folks don't want him around. If you call SFWA terrorists, insult women in science fiction related podcasts, insult people in the comic industry, call folks running fandom sites bigots, then openly admit you're going to break a convention's rules, why would you be surprised when people start banning you? You are your own worst enemy, Jon Del Arroz. I don't believe you anymore.

Written by someone who will probably be called Racist from Jon Del Arroz.