Mammalian dive reflex

Drowning in air Fair fight, freedom lite Leave me alone

A lone what? Ranging the spectres Of Christmases past

Not so fast Freedom, heavy at first Christmas futures forseen Easter options unknown Feel it to the bone

Floating above the skin The threat of a promise A prayer for just a little magic Tragically, an eventuality Feel it through the soul A dolphin, in the waves An emptiness to make you whole

Do you feel saved by grace? Or just a little less... Crooked? Umbrella terms for a certain quality of the timber Build!

It's the end of the world And I'm not quite sure what I feel Except it could be better Well, different, at least

Please don't answer my questions

More words required Extraneous If we were ever neous To begin with

Ideas dropping Like flies Frying Like french fries But what's the smoke point?

Take the trip, and climb the tree Will even elevation and foliage set you free?

Maybe I should give more serious consideration to taking up vaping