The Benefits Of Carnosyn

Press release: 25 August, 2021: When it is about supplements that dramatically enhance performance and energy supply during exercise and are legitimately research “proven,” three key ingredients stand out in the form of caffeine monohydrate, creatine and CarnoSyn beta-alanine. Many articles have been published on the first two ingredients, however, not as many on the latter. This is a compelling reason to write this piece. However, it's also a reason that many people are using this potent enhancement of performance in the wrong way.

Let's get this out and out of the way that experts have a consensus on: CarnoSyn is a form of beta-alanine, which is a slightly altered version of amino acid Alanine. It is found in small quantities in foods such as meat and fish, however it can also be made by the body using other pre-food precursors. However, the body only produces a minimal amount of it when we consume the normal (or even a high-protein) diet. This is crucial since the amount of this amino acid within the body determines how much of a dipeptide called carnosine is produced and stored in muscles, and the increased amount of carnosine found in muscles is what's behind the benefits of beta-alanine. CarnoSyn's top beta-alanine has been named after the quantity of carnosine that it boosts in the muscle tissue.

How Does CarnoSyn How Does CarnoSyn Work?

Research has proven that carnosine has many additional benefits, including cognitive function, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory. Many research teams have demonstrated that carnosine is able to neutralize acid buildup that is responsible for the intense exercise-induced burn and performance curtailing. As I've mentioned previously that beta-alanine is backed by an extensive research base to back it. There have been more than 55 scientific studies regarding beta-alanine. A recent review that focused on 40 of the most effective studies involving around 1500 people and confirmed its efficacy for activities that last from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. It's effective regardless of whether or not you've ever run and lifted weights or played in elite sports. It will allow you to improve your performance, speed and for longer time regardless of whether you are lifting weights or doing high intensity training. Check out our site and get more info.

Despite the amazing science and physiological effects, some readers might not be aware of beta-alanine. However, most likely they have used CarnoSyn since it is in many pre-workout products.

Use CarnoSyn Daily for Maximum Results

Dozens of studies support beta-alanine's efficacy, but unfortunately there are many who use this ingredient incorrectly. Research suggests that it must be taken at a minimum daily dosage of 3.2 grams. It should be used regularly, not only during training. The most common mistake users are making is only consuming it in their drinks prior to workouts, at least three times a week and often at dosages less than 3.2 grams. For the best muscle carnosine retention, you must take it daily. It is important to remember that higher daily intakes, such as 6.4 grams, have been proven to be much more effective. If you're looking to increase your performance, increase your dose!

Take note that the majority of research conducted on beta-alanine has been done with the CarnoSyn beta-alanine brand. This is a very well-made and stable version of amino acid. It has been verified to be free of banned substances and pollutants.

Just What is Paresthesia?

A second idiosyncrasy you should be aware of about beta-alanine is that in doses that are effective, it can cause a harmless condition called paresthesia, a kind of itching, tingling sensation on the skin. The effect is dependent on the person and the dosage and only lasts several minutes. If you don't want this feeling, you can opt to take three or two doses of CarnoSyn daily or look out for a new sustained-release form. I'll let you know in the following issue.