A masterful original novel debut, set in New Orleans, LA in the year 2058 delving into the underbelly of political corruption through the eyes of a grief-stricken private detective after his sister was murdered by a serial killer.

THE KEYSTROKE KILLER: TRANSCENDENCE NOVEL LAUNCHES THIS HALLOWEEN, OCTOBER 31, 2018 – Author Dr. Melissa Caudle Releases Her First Fiction Thriller The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence Part I

New Orleans, LA – October 25, 2018 – Dr. Melissa Caudle, Author, has completed her debut novel “The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence Part I”: a science fiction psychological thriller and will be made available on October 31, 2018 on Amazon.com and numerous other online retailers. Published by Open Door Publishing Company, this novel is a masterpiece of twisted deception as Matthew Raymond, a private detective is locked into a maze of deceit after the disturbing 2053 murder of his sister, Livia. Rage filled Matthew igniting a search for her killer and to find answers to the mysterious questions that lurked around her death. Matthew soon realizes his problems went from bad to worse as he discovers himself immersed in a city where the wealthy and corrupt politician’s rule and a serial killer on the loose with a weapon of mass destruction. Our hero plunges himself in a cunning game of cat-and mouse when he stumbles across the Keystroke Killer exposing a secret device that makes the serial killer capable of sending people to the fourth dimension without a trace. Caudle wrote “The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence” first as a television pilot series with 67 episodes. After funding for the project fell through, Caudle didn’t give up. She spent the next several years developing the character driven plot and subplots. “I lived and breath with these characters,” Caudle said. “I know them very well. Some scare the daylights out of me. And, yes, there is more than one serial killer.” Her passion for science, science fiction and psychological thrillers leaps from the pages with every sound, every breath, every heartbeat and every death. “This novel isn’t for the faint of heart. It is dark and twisted,” Caudle said. “It makes Silence of the Lambs look PG.” BOOK TRAILERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_Lr7DDtOwA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZOU1W1K31c ADVANCE PRAISE FOR “THE KEYSTROKE KILLER” “Full of shocking twists, turns and flips that will blow your mind, and have you turning the page begging for more.” Jeffrey Jordon, SAG Actor “An electrifying debut with unexpected turns and twists.” Robby Cook Stroud, Literary Agent “A haunting twisted tale.” Tina Rubin, Actor “Truly wicked and powerful. A page turner.” Rockin Dopsie Jr., Grammy Nominated Zydeco Musician “Makes Fifty Shades of Grey and Silence of the Lambs look PG.” Kelly Cheatem, Realtor “A saga like no other. A must read.” Erin Cadiere, CEO – No Regrets Apparel “I couldn’t put it down. Excellent and powerful.” – Mark Steadfast, Producer “A saga unlike any other. A must read.” – Bryan Dankworth, Artist

-ABOUT DR. MELISSA CAUDLE- Dr. Melissa Caudle is an American author of more than a dozen books. She turned her love of writing screenplays to the love of writing novels. “The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence” is the first in the saga series with five more novels already plotted. This winter, Caudle will release two more novels, Never Stop Running and A.D.A.M. which are in the final editing stages. As an artist, she published six adult coloring books – “Abstract Faces” Volumes 1-6 that features some of her favorite drawings. Caudle describes her style somewhere between a Picasso and Salvador Dali. If you want more information about Dr. Caudle or an interview, contact the author direct at 504-301-8000 or email her at drmelcaudle@gmail.com. website: www.drmelcaudle.com CONTACT: Dr. Melissa Caudle 504-301-8000 drmelcaudle@gmail.com