Ma Insa Sense visualization morning 1/1/2019

Close to my driftwood hut on the edge of the beach, about where it ends.

Semantics Analysis

Group, Use, Action, Properties, Location, Association

The tall wild grass

Group: thing, each blade or strand of grass is its own plant. Use: can be burned for tinder, used to strengthen bricks also. Low nutrition food source, okay for smaller animals. Action: slow growth action, but otherwise inert unless acted upon Properties: thin walls with a hollow core, can be bent but will break if bent too far. Has a notably plant flavor, but very little of it. Colors range from green to brown. Seasonally dies off or burns and is revitalized. Waist high. Consider stereotypical wild grass. A slight stinging sensation if you cut yourself on the grass. Location: near the beach, there's some cutoff between the taller grass. It leaves enough buffer that you can build near it, but the seasonal burning makes this potentially undesirable Association: carefree summers, childhood wonder, simplicity, nature

The dry beach sand

Group: Thing, many small things, but a thing Use: You can use it for construction, pathmaking, and just for feeling the small components of Action: Largely it just sits there until acted upon Properties: Smooth, there's variety in the size of the individual grains of sand, they range in color from orange to red to this off-white, maybe some darker specks too, salty taste, very hard to chew, do not suggest eating Location: The beach, near water Association: memories of going to beaches, digging for clams, general associations with childhood.