The importance of blood gas analysis, be sure to pay attention to

Since entering the development of clinical research work, there are a large number of tests and examinations in my choice of scope of use to help me diagnose the patient's condition and blood gas analyzer quickly understand the changes in the patient, there are often many long queues for the examination, test analysis results are slow, can not be the first part of the time to accurately determine the condition.

For example, if a patient's shortness of breath is hypoxic, then blood gas analysis is the best option, so how to analyze blood gas results in the clinical setting is of paramount importance.

A patient who is bedridden is having difficulty breathing. The blood gas analysis shows low partial pressure of oxygen and residual carbon dioxide. Your judgment is wrong. How do you contact the clinic and what is the next step?

Combine the patient's expiratory effort, croup, and the fact that he is bedridden and prone to sputum clots in the airway. You can design it by judgment, the patient may be expiratory respiratory difficulties, sputum clogging the airway, we can deal with the problem of sputum clogging.

In patients with pulmonary ventilation disorders, the main measure is to remove the cause of the disease.

There is also hypoxemia, pulmonary dyspnea. Large areas of severe pneumonia can be rapidly relieved by high purity oxygen. But if it is a pleural effusion patient breathing pure oxygen is not as useful as a drainage tube. The former is mainly oxygen inhalation, the latter is mainly lung re-expansion.

Patients with pulmonary ventilation disorders should be treated according to the different conditions.

Therefore, blood gas analysis can be used as a test result for students through the clinician we must analyze, in assessing the function of the ventilation and ventilation system, as well as the enterprise of various acid-alkaline imbalances are very useful.