I paint the manifestation of what cannot be seen. I mostly think about singularities, nothingness, and time.

Neuron Loops is an NFT collection visualizing neurons firing and making connections in the brain.

Neuron Loop 1 —–>

Neuron Loop 2 —–>


My genesis NFT is the threshold. The collector of this genesis piece will have the first option to add the animated version and its corresponding physical oil painting to their collection after taking the 'Red Pill'.


Exhausted from the pain

The suffering without end

Without limit and necessity

If one sits quietly creating

Worlds at and through their fingertips

Why is there anything other than bliss?

There is no reason for such things as pain

Past this point of understanding

As an eternal being clothed in flesh

One just wants to breathe

To be naked among the stars

And to feel the ecstasy of life

Can there be peace?

What is missing from the equation?

There is nothing left to sacrifice

Even as sacrifice is merely a vehicle

To gain understanding

And to rearrange the puzzle pieces

It is momentary and unnecessary

Once one understands its inherent falseness

Its frailty and unsustainability

How long does one have to burn

To gain entry into the life that sustains

And subdues the flames?

To forgo belief and reject faith

Holding nothing

Seeing Truth

The compartmentalization

Of belief and truth

Following and leading simultaneously

Two sides of one mind

Making peace and love

Flooding the flesh with the killing of pain


A companion
Difficult to quiet
So very loud
Sometimes obnoxious
The reverberation
Of the mind
Necessitates sitting
Stillness and nonmovement
To abandon the perceived self
So to remember the truth
Through the thick, dense, physical world
Then to arrive and never leave
To have and to hold
The truth


Be who you are
Not who isn’t you
Be what you are
Not what isn’t you
Be where you are
Not where you aren’t
Be how you are
Not how you aren’t
Then, be what you want


There is zero doubt

And I needn’t shout

I am what I am

A lion and lamb

Crushed between the two

I’ve fought for me and you

What can be will be

And what’s dreamt, has always been, you see

So it is not if, but when

And to doubt your conviction, a sin

I’ve planted a goal

From my mind and soul

And when we arrive

The entire system shall come alive


Leadership and discipline

With every decision, precision

One takes aim, draws the bow, the arrow

Setting sights at the goal, purposeful

Pursual of that goal, unyielding

That location in time-space, position

Unmoving and unwavering

A place that resides only in reality

The dimension above now, and that is now

Where one’s identity is crowned supreme

The path is true, truthfully

The world you see, winds roiling

And have come to fervently believe

Slowly fades, blurring and confusing

As the new world emerges, peacefully

Into the imaginations, wonderfully

Becoming a truth, truly

On the path one ultimately treads, meandering

An eternal adventure

Forever yours


Smiles from sons

Not much is better

Innocent joy permeating

Wonderful wonderment illuminating

All worries melt

More love deposited

An ongoing transaction

Life’s overwhelming nature

The pain subsides

The paint confides


How does it feel to be

Set up and knocked down ?

Well, now you know, even though

This is just the beginning

Of the end of your racist bough

You’ve shown your faces

And in the end

There will be only humanity

Until we discover life beyond

Without your ideas; insanity

As America stands tall

With liberty and justice for all

You will burn for your crimes

And we the people shall rise

With a more perfect union for all times


I’m exhausted from dreams and life
Although it hasn’t even really begun

Just a series of momentary joy and strife

So what will be in this new clarity

When the antidote hits the bloodstream

Maybe nothing or more pain or possibly hilarity

Anything is better than what has been

So at least now we know what hitting bottom is

So let us go upward and onward, again

One thing is for certain

We will leave this hellscape behind

No more blindness beyond the closing curtain

Get ready to drink reality’s wine

Stand tall and believe in your truth

Thank you for holding the line


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