How to Style Summer Birthstones

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year; not only because of the lovely weather but for its association with holidays, fun and no studies. Although some consider that people born in this season are more fun loving, we know that there's one thing that is better than being summer born: summer birthstones. Most people know about their birthstones, but they are confused about the styling options. Learn more about the birthstones of June, July, and September and how to style them.

Summer begins June 21st and lasts till September 22nd. The beautiful weather of the season allows you break out and enjoy the weather with family and friends outside. It's the perfect time to show off your style with summer birthstone jewelry that sparkles in the sunlight. But at times it can be hard to style. Most of the time it depends on what you're wearing in the first place. Here are some different ways of styling jewelry and showing off your birthstones with class.


Starting with June, the birthstones of this month evoke magical summer nights of enchantment and excitement. People born in this month are lucky to enjoy three choices: Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite.

Pearls: Although pearls are a symbol of luxury and sophistication, they are organic and found in living creatures. Pearls rings, stud earrings, and bracelets look elegant and stylish with evening gowns or pastel color outfits, yet you can wear them with jeans and florals to enjoy a funky and casual look.

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Alexandrite: Another birthstone for the month of June, alexandrite is believed to be a mystic stone due to its nature of displaying color depending on the light. The bright sunlight makes this gem appear bluish-green while in dark shade it displays a reddish hue. This phenomenon makes alexandrite fit for every summer outfit. From shorts and bathing suits to long dresses, alexandrite jewelry can easily take your fashion quotient to the next level. A pair of earrings, or a ring with June birthstone can delicately enhance your dress for all the parties and brunches you are going to attend this summer.

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Moonstone: The third birthstone of the June, moonstone was believed to be rays of moonlight that become frozen. This beautiful gemstone displays beautiful colors ranging from pink to yellow, purple and blue. Whether you wear this gem raw or in a bohemian style, a moonstone ring, earrings, and pendant are perfect for your summer outfits. Since this gemstone displays mostly white tone, it is a good choice for statement jewelry and minimalist jewelry.

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Moving on to the next month, July. The July birthstone is a popular gem, known to beautifully capture the life and passion of a hot summer day. Yes, we are talking about the glamorous ruby.

Ruby: Enchanting ruby jewelry offers a vibrant sophistication to any outfit. Whether you want to dress-up for casual outings, work, or social occasions, a pair of earrings, pendant or a ring with July birthstone can make a heart feel enchanting and delightful. The fiery red color of ruby will complement your looks when matched with glamorous red lipstick. You can accentuate your summer outfit with colorful makeup and ruby jewelry. Also, you can pair your ruby jewelry with floral motifs during the summer season to add a touch of romance.

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By the end of summer, it will be warm every day. So, the beautiful September birthstone will help you cool off as it represents the cooling waters of the beach and endless sky above. Yes, that enchanting gemstone is Sapphire.

Sapphire: This dazzling gemstone is cherished for its typical blue hue, although it is available in various other shades, such as yellow, pink, and purple. Sapphire jewelry has charm and flair for easily pairing with other bright colors. The vibrancy of a blue and green color combination can turn heads for you this summer. You can also try coral orange and sapphire blue for your next summer get-together or social event and enjoy the attention it brings.

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Summer handbags are meant to be upbeat, lively, and beach-worthy. Handbags with bright colors, patterns, and interesting embellishments are perfect for a summer outing.

Florals: Florals spruce up your summer outfits with a happy mood. These colorful prints add-on to your already beautiful appearance. Take them to social gatherings and outings as florals are a versatile choice when it comes to fashion.

Tassels: Tassels are everywhere. They accentuate shoes, clothes, jewelry and handbags too. You can go for single tone or multi tone tassel handbags, The interesting part is by removing the tassels and you get a two-in-one bag! They are an ideal companion for the office as well as a small gathering of friends.

Tote: Are you planning a beach outing? Then you'll need a bag to complement your style and store all your belongings. Go for tote handbags as they are stylish and spacious. Whether you want to look fashionable in your beach dress or store your sunglasses, snacks, scarf, and books easily, you can't go wrong with a designer tote bag!

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People who believe scarves are just for chilly winter couldn't be more wrong. No doubt, they make us feel warm on cold days, but they also save us from scorching sunlight during summer by offering a cool feel. Just put your scarf on your shoulder or head whenever you're getting too much of sun and you're sure to feel the difference. During summer, they also serve another purpose - accessorizing. Scarf are efficient to hide your neckline keep you warm in air-conditioning or on cooler days.

Enjoy summer by adding colorful accent to your collection with dazzling June and July birthstone jewelry. You can easily make any look impressive by wearing the right jewelry and accessories. If bright tones aren't your style, you can always substitute them for pretty pastel shades. So, are you ready to match up to these fashion treats? Let us know with your comments.